Technology is advancing every day. More and more people are getting access to computers and the internet than ever before. This means that in the near future, organizations will need to come up with network management solutions in order to stop hackers and maintain standard internet speed.

With the increased intranet connections in many organizations, network administrators need to be concerned about the amount of traffic passing through their networks. They need to find effective ways of handling excess traffic. This is where network traffic monitoring comes in.

What Is Network Traffic Monitoring?

Network traffic monitoring is sometimes referred to as network traffic analysis. It is a security analysis tool mainly used by network administrators to pick out issues that affect the accessibility, security, and functionality of your network.

In other words, network traffic monitoring is a technique or method used in detecting the network traffic of internet-enabled devices, the bandwidth level, and the nature of data being retried by those devices. It is always the duty of network administrators to ensure that the network is not only safe but also runs normally.

Why Should You Monitor the Traffic on Your Network?

There are many reasons why you should monitor the traffic going through your network. Whether you are a network security expert or not, keeping your network safe and stable is non-negotiable. Therefore, you need to choose the services of hardware experts like ‘MixMode’ that specializes in AI network monitoring, and can help secure your server and network through the most advanced network-centric threat prevention tools & software.

Here are some reasons why network traffic monitoring is important:

  • It gives you a clear picture of all the devices connected to your network
  • Network traffic analysis or monitoring helps you prevent unnecessary outages
  • Early detection of malware issues
  • It helps in picking out weak ciphers and protocols
  • Helps you in collecting historical records and analyzing everything that goes on within your network
  • Collecting reports on SLAs
  • Helps you determine your return on investment (ROI) quickly

How to Monitor Your Network Traffic

There are two major ways you can monitor your network traffic. The first one is using a router and the second one is through third-party software for network monitoring.

Steps to follow in network traffic monitoring:

  1. The first step is to check you’re the local IP address of your router
  2. After determining your IP address, open the browser and search for your IP network IP address
  3. You will then be prompted to enter your username and password
  4. Once you are logged in, an interface will appear showing all your network activities
  5. You can then check a place displaying your network traffic. This will help you know which devices are using more bandwidth than others

Importance of Network Traffic Analysis

Keeping an eye on your network is considered standard practice in any business environment. It doesn’t matter how strong your firewall is, mistakes can always happen and cause havoc.

Besides, the increase in the number of ransomware cases in the recent past has made network monitoring even more important.

Bottom line

Network traffic monitoring is a great way of monitoring network activity and availability. This helps in detecting anomalies, increase performance, and keeping hackers at bay.

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