How Do I Put a Tracker on My Husband’s Phone?

How Do I Put a Tracker on My Husband's Phone

Sisters, friends, we must know what our husbands do. The more we love them, the more we need to track them, to follow them everywhere. To ensure they do not cheat on us and do not have some other tricky plans. It is in the nature of an average man to look for a way to cheat, and you can install a tracker on their device, for example, uMobix, to get cast iron evidence.

What Is a Phone Tracker?

You may think that a phone tracker is a tiny device installed into the gadget to track a person’s location or, maybe, listen to their calls. It is the picture created in our minds by hundreds of movies about secret agents and is a bit outdated. 

To install a modern tracker, you do not need to unscrew the device and find a place for a “bug”; things got much simpler. Nowadays, there are software solutions that can be set up on almost any device in minutes, and they will provide you with all the possible information:

  • messages sent and received;
  • photos and videos stored on the device;
  • communication on social networks;
  • location;
  • call logs.

Usually, this information is sent to an online dashboard, where it is stored for a month or two, depending on the app. It doesn’t require your further interaction with the target device – all the info is fresh and delivered to you remotely and anonymously. 

The Way Phone Trackers Work

First of all, phone tracking apps are stealthy and anonymous, which is an obvious solution. It would have been weird if everyone could know they were tracked and by whom. That is why you can hide its icon from the menu after installing a phone spy.

What happens after the installation? The app on the target device starts synchronizing with the dashboard available under your login credentials. Depending on the tracker, this process happens every 5-30 minutes.

You can open this dashboard anytime you need to check the information tracked. As a matter of fact, it is accessed via any browser (both desktop and mobile versions would work). Usually, the number of devices tracked is limited to 1 gadget for one tracker account, but you can unlink one device and add another one at any time.


How to put a tracker on your husband’s phone should not bother you at all, as the procedure is extremely simple, although a bit different for iOS and Android.

iOS Installation

Apple users are considered lucky, as they do not need to bother with manual installation. They must only know the target’s iCloud credentials. After logging into their iCloud, everything is 90% automatic,  and you only need to follow the instructions on the screen. The only possible obstacle can be 2-factor authentification because you must manually pass it.


Things are a bit more complicated for Androids – unlike iPhones, remote installation is unavailable here. It is a must to get the device in your hands and go through the whole installation process manually. In return, however, you get more features available, as the kit is usually quite limited for iPhones. For instance, WhatsApp monitoring is available for both, but Zoom is only for Android. Otherwise, jailbeak will be required for advanced features.


Do I need to find someone who could jailbreak/root my husband’s phone?

Rooting or jailbreaking is not required to install a tracker on any device; however, some features may not work without it. We would say it is completely up to you whether to root/jailbreak it or not. Check the website of the chosen tracker and read carefully what features are unavailable without hacking. Make your well-thought decision only when you know exactly what you need.

How can I install a phone tracker on the target device?

How you can put a tracker on your husband’s phone depends on what device your hubby has. Androids require manual installation, while iPhones support remote installation. You must sign up an account first and then purchase a subscription. After that, you get detailed instructions on what to do next.

How much do trackers cost?

The price varies from app to app, and it depends on many factors:

  • number of tracked devices;
  • features available;
  • length of the subscription.

For example, uMobix costs $12.49/m if you sign an agreement for a year, and a single-month subscription is $49.99. There is also a free trial, which can be requested via support chat. Not all apps have it, so do not lose your chance.

Can I Use a Free Tracker?

There are free trackers on the internet, but we cannot guarantee their quality. Free apps often turn out to be scams that compromise your personal data, so it is much safer to pay some amount of cash and be sure nothing happens to your info.


Phone trackers are a great solution for anyone looking for a way to track their husband for any reason. You may suspect him of adultery or think he spends money on someone else – a phone tracker will solve your problems and help you understand what is really going on. 

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Written by Joshua White

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