7 Best AI Courses To Learn Machine Learning In 2024

7 Best AI Courses To Learn Machine Learning In 2024

In computer science, we speak of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. It is through these fields that computers are able to learn from data, just as humans do. It’s only after this kind of education that they can perform things on their own accord — things normally requiring human intellect alone.

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The automation of these tasks results in improved business efficiency and customer satisfaction. In McKinsey consulting firm’s estimation, AI may increase the world economy by up to US $13 trillion between now and 2030. So, one must study AI and machine learning to stay ahead.

However, with so many options, which AI program on artificial intelligence fits what you are looking for? This post contains the top seven AI courses with machine learning in 2024. These courses will provide a good base, an overall view, and creative ideas for what you want.

Best AI Courses To Learn Machine Learning

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1. Post Graduate Program in AI & ML: Business Applications by UT Austin

The Post Graduate Program in AI & ML: Business Applications course is an online program developed by UT Austin — the University of Texas at Austin, and leading global ed-tech company Great Learning.

This course will teach you AI and machine learning skills ready to be deployed in the real world. Among other things, it covers these areas’ concepts and methods as well as actual applications. On completing this artificial intelligence course, you will receive a UT Austin professional certificate.

This certificate will boost your resume and can be used to highlight your expertise in AI and machine learning. You can also receive personalized career guidance from Great Learning, including your resume and LinkedIn reviews, interview preparations, portfolio assessments, etc.

2. Post Graduate Program in Artificial Intelligence for Leaders by UT Austin

A Gartner report found that AI and machine learning will create $2.9 trillion of business value and save industry workers 6.2 billion hours as they do their jobs. If you’re wondering whether any courses cover the business-related and strategic side of AI without requiring coding, here is one for you.

UT Austin and Great Learning have joined forces to offer a Post Graduate Program in Artificial Intelligence for Leaders course. This program is a 4-month online course. It provides training geared toward leaders. Taking this course will enable you to explore the strategic impact of AI on business and help your organizations navigate a future driven by intelligent, connected machines.

3. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing by CareerFoundry

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Testing is an integral part of software development. It assures the high quality and dependability of software products. However, manual testing methods are often ineffective. CareerFoundry’s online course Introduction to Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing is self-paced. This program will teach you how AI can enhance software testing.

The course teaches you how to apply artificial intelligence in automating tests. As a result, you will be shown how to apply your AI toolkit and frameworks such as TensorFlow, Keras, Selenium, or Appium Testim. If you’re new to the world of AI or an experienced software tester who knows a thing or two about it, this course will keep your expertise current.

4. Introduction to Generative AI by Google Cloud

Google Cloud offers a self-paced online course entitled Introduction to Generative AI. This program is tailor-made for learners who wish to release their creativity with AI and want to learn how they can create new and unique content using AI.

It will teach you how to use Google Cloud tools and services and the basic principles of generative AI. Besides IT-based courses, the course provides access to Google Cloud labs and quizzes.

Much of the hands-on work with generative AI, tools, and services is found here: you will get your experience playing around to see what works and getting a feel for how it all fits together. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or someone experienced in the field, this AI course will arm you with cutting-edge trends and techniques for generative AI Cloud Google.

5. Machine Learning by DeepLearning.AI

DeepLearning.AI’s Machine Learning is an 11-week online course. It will teach you the basic concepts of machine learning, how to implement various algorithms and models related to (or using) machine learning processes, and finally, help you apply these processes in real-life applications.

This AI program is for learners who want to become experts in the most popular and commonly used machine-learning techniques and frameworks. As one of the most popular and generally used machine-learning techniques, it is also a very good course for people who want to understand AI.

6. CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python by Harvard University

Harvard University offers a 7-week online course entitled CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python. This course will show you the concepts and principles of AI, how to develop applications using Python to program artificial intelligence capabilities, and even how to apply such tools for various domains and tasks.

This course is suitable for learners who wish to build an AI system from the ground up and develop a firm foundation in the language of AI (Python) and how an actual training or test data flow proceeds. It is one of the best courses in AI for those who want a solid grounding in artificial intelligence and Python programming.

7. AI For Everyone by DeepLearning.AI

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AI For Everyone is a 4-week online offering from DeepLearning.AI. In this course, you will learn the foundations of artificial intelligence and how to apply that knowledge in different fields. The presentation will introduce you to the potential this quickly expanding industry offers.

Those who take the course will learn more about what artificial intelligence is. You will understand technology, society, and business. This program is one of the great artificial intelligence courses for anyone who wants to know what AI means to human society and business.

But suppose you are not a technical businessperson or even an actual machine learning engineer but just one of those people who wants to understand more about what it takes for your AI to go live in the office and at work. In that case, this course is intended especially for you.


In this post, you’ll find the best machine learning courses on AI in 2024. According to your intentions, the following courses provide a sound foundation. They will give you a broad, integrated perspective on artificial intelligence and machine learning. In addition, it will bring first-rate flashes of insight into this field. So, are you ready to show off what you know?

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Written by Joshua White

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