5 Professional Image Generators Free & Paid 2024


With the rapid advances in technology, there has been a surge in the use of artificial intelligence. The use of artificial intelligence has become deeply rooted in the daily activities. 

One such activity in the use of artificial intelligence is generating images. In machine learning models, one can generate images by sheer input of texts or so-called ‘prompts.’ The image generated will depend on the specificity of your instructions as texts. 

With minimal involvement but your image-generating texts, the AI can quickly generate images for you. These images can either be your headshots for an application for a job, your social media profile pictures, or your image graphics for marketing campaigns. 

Free AI image generators have enabled you to cut the costs of a professional photographer. 

Just like Large Language Models, AI image generators are trained by large pre-existing data sets of photographs to learn the connection between text descriptions and image presentations. 

This article will delve into the five most popular AI image generators you can access quickly. Some AI image generators described are free to use, while others offer only premium features.

1. Hotpot AI

Having a good profile picture is key these days, right? With everything online, from LinkedIn to Tinder, you want your pic to stand out well. But going to a professional photographer can put a dent in your wallet. That’s where this new app called Hotpot AI comes in. It lets you generate 15 totally free headshots in just a few minutes!

Of course, nothing in life is totally free. The free version of Hotpot does have some limitations. You can only generate 15 pics at a time before having to wait. And some users reported the free images were only sometimes the highest resolution. But for getting started and playing around? It is perfect.


2. Anthropic PBC

Anthropic PBC, an AI safety startup, created an image creation model called CLIP. This is a more complex portrait art maker, like some free tools. 

CLIP can generate a wide range of images, including landscapes, objects, logos, and more. Don’t expect the high-end perfection of a paid service, but CLIP is solid for drafts, personal projects, or free work. It even comes with an API that lets you create multiple images. 

Perfect for diving into AI image experimentation, the Anthropic PBC free version brings plenty of value with zero costs.

3. PortraitAI

PortraitAI is a top-notch AI picture creator, adept at crafting wonderful portraits and headshots. You only need a handful of selfies and a vision for your final look. 

Within mere hours, you’ll have in your hands 30 customized portraits. What sets PortraitAI apart is the reality and precision it infiltrates into each portrait. Trained using countless professional photos, PortraitAI can beautifully capture fine facial features and expressions. When in need of clear, life­like images for professional purposes, such as acting biographies or LinkedIn profiles, PortraitAI serves quite well.

Beginning at a mere $29, you can get 30 high-definition pictures. Plus, photographers sharpen each image for top-notch quality. PortraitAI is a high-tier and reasonable choice when measured against standard photography.

4. Artguru

One AI image generator stands out from the rest when creating digital avatars: Artguru. This image generator can produce some mighty interesting pictures just from a string of text, your voice or even a selfie.

It spits out digital avatars, which are also highly customizable. With Artguru, you decide how your avatar appears; your hair, skin or features of the face–it’s your call. Or need them to have blond hair and blue eyes? No problem. Prefer a dark complexion and curly hair? You got it. Customizing your avatar has limitless possibilities.

One really neat thing Artguru allows is changing up the background, too. Don’t you like the plain white backdrop? Dynamically insert your images so your avatar has fun on the beach or in outer space. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Artguru’s tools are primarily for creative pros and 3D artists who want to make very believable digital humans. Yet, they can help other artistic talents, too, like portrait photographers, graphic designers, and visual artists. 

Artguru subscriptions start at $29 a month. This gives you all the image creation and custom tools to make top-notch digital portraits and scenes.

Free Anime Art Ai Generated illustration and picture

5. Midjourney AI

Are you looking for the Best AI Image Generator? Midjourney is an AI image generator popping up everywhere. 

Midjourney capabilities can sound too cool to be true! It has all these crazy customization options to tweak your creations and next-level filters you won’t find anywhere else. The level of detail and realism Midjourney can produce is seriously impressive. It’s like having a team of artists at your fingertips. The way you can give it instructions and watch as it brings your vision to life is straight-up magic. 

It is even more impressive with the level of control you have to refine each image. With all the effects and manipulation tools, you can remix a generated piece repeatedly until it’s perfect. You can enjoy your time fiddling with different lighting combinations and backgrounds. The options are endless!

“Dream” access provides additional features like priority rendering so images are completed faster and the ability to download ultra-high resolution final images up to 8192×8192 pixels. This level of resolution and control makes Midjourney AI a top choice for professional creatives and visual artists seeking to incorporate AI-generated images into finished pieces of work or for commercial use cases. The powerful styling tools and high-quality, downloadable files make Midjourney one of the market’s most full-featured paid image generators.

Free Background Background Image illustration and picture


As AI advances incredibly, future generations of these tools will likely produce images indistinguishable from photographs. Both personal and commercial users now have powerful new options for visual content creation without large budgets or technical skills. 

AI image generators open many creative doors and represent an exciting new chapter in designing, prototyping and sharing visual ideas using emerging technologies. With so many capable services available, artificial intelligence has undoubtedly changed the game for image production across industries.

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