How to increase customer loyalty and trust in a brand

Attracting a customer to your product and convincing them that you can be trusted are two different things. If trust is not won, no amount of advertising can keep it. Marketers use many approaches to effectively build communication between the client and the brand, and now we will tell you about the most important of them. In this article, you will learn how to gain the trust of your audience.

Tell about yourself

What’s behind your brand? If you can answer that question then that’s great! The audience already has an extra reason to be attracted to you.

You can choose any convenient format: record an introductory video, arrange a bio in social media. networks, write an appeal, etc. It’s better to do everything at once, because in this case you will not have to spend money on additional promotion, for example, buy Instagram followers.

When a person finds a company, visits a website or Instagram, what does he evaluate first of all? That’s right, the design. This is an important part of a brand. It is important to be able to abstract and look at it from the outside. Everything should be accessible, convenient, and the visual should match the general tone. 

Even through the design, the client can feel a reverent attitude towards him, and in order to achieve this, it is important to be able to anticipate his needs and actions. Location, communication methods, price list, payment options, all kinds of conditions, terms. All this should be carefully written and available to potential buyers. Then your clients will recommend the company to their friends and you will gain fame and trust without having to buy followers Instagram.

Show yourself

Showing the inner life of a brand is one of the most effective tools for building trust. You and the people who work with you are the main faces of the brand. The ideal option is to blog and social media on behalf of the founder and show more of the life within the company.

Take more pictures, tell stories from the experience of your company and share something fun (storytelling), show the workflow, interesting moments, talk about successes and failures.

Communicate with users, discuss, publish reviews, respond to comments, show that customers and their opinions are important to you.

Get closer to the client

Do people like your product? What do they think of the service? Ask your clients about it. By using advice and criticism, you both improve your product and show customers that their opinion is important to you. People really appreciate it when they listen to their words, and see that you strive to improve the quality of your services and take into account the wishes of customers, and, accordingly, they trust you more.

Admit your mistakes

Don’t be afraid to respond to negative comments when needed, analyze them constructively and offer solutions to problems. The most important thing is not to argue, but to meet halfway and admit the mistake, especially if it happened through the fault of the company. So you turn the situation in your favor and increase the loyalty of both the client himself and other interested people.