How to Increase Comments on Instagram

Comments on Instagram are a vital engagement metric that significantly impacts your brand growth in numerous ways. The comment section serves as a major means for your followers to interact publicly with your Instagram posts, and having more comments is beneficial for fostering a stronger sense of community.

It is a great way to establish solid social proof that can convince potential customers of your authority and also draw many other brands to you for paid partnerships and other monetization opportunities.

In addition, increasing comments on your Instagram posts is a ranking signal for the Instagram algorithm to push your posts to appear on other users’ Instagram feeds beyond your followers, which gives your brand more popularity.

So, in this article, we will give you some proven tips on how to increase comments on Instagram, such as offering engaging content, the effective use of hashtags, purchasing, and many more.

9 Proven Ways to Increase Comments on Your Instagram Post

If you are looking to boost your brand visibility and exposure for more opportunities to earn, increasing your Instagram comments is the way to go. The following are proven ways to boost comments on Instagram:

Make High-Quality Content

Instagram is a visual-driven social media platform. Hence, a first glance at your content determines if any Instagram user would pause to like or drop a comment.

Invest in the right tools and editing software for your images and videos to ensure they come out with the best quality.

Take your time to research your niche on Instagram and other social media platforms to identify trendy topics. Create your own content around them with the most captivating captions and a call to action to encourage people to comment.

Post at Peak Time

The timing of your posts can surely determine how well your followers will engage with your post through comments. To ensure maximum engagement on your Instagram account, we recommend that you post your content at peak times when your target audience is most active on the platform.

When are the peak posting times? Such periods can differ based on your target audience demographics, time zones, and Instagram behavior. You can utilize the Instagram Insights feature to verify all this info and determine when it is best to post your content to gain a high number of comments.

Use Right Hashtags

Using the right hashtags can increase the visibility of your posts, which encourages more comments. By saying ‘Right Hashtags,’ it means a mix of some popular and niche hashtags or creating branded hashtags that can positively influence your posts.

How do you find them? Firstly, make use of the Instagram search element to discover some trendy topics in your category, which can properly guide you in creating relevant hashtags. Another option is to look at competitors to know the hashtags that they input to reach more people for multiple comments.

Invite People to Tag Friends

When you post content on Instagram, inviting people to tag their friends in the comment section can significantly expand your reach and generate more organic engagements, including comments.

To encourage more people to comment on your Instagram, you should create the type of content that a large number of people can relate to and also share with their friends. Such content can be crafted around popular themes like lifestyle, fun, sports, and so on.

Respond to All Comments

As a brand looking to gain a stronger presence on Instagram, you must prioritize responding to comments on your Instagram posts

Your interactive content should be incorporated with requests for feedback or a question that initiates feedback from your audience. And when they drop comments, do your best to respond to their comments within a few hours at most, if not immediately

This action alone gives your audience a sense of belonging and lets them know that you truly appreciate them and their feedback on your posts

Buy Instagram Comments

The easiest and fastest way to boost comments on your posts is to buy. It enables you to rapidly get a high number of comments, which gives your posts the level of engagement needed to rank higher and influence other users to also comment and partake in your business offers.

It is safest to purchase Instagram comments from GetAFollower, a reputable social media agency that supplies real comments from authentic Instagram profiles (with a high retention rate and a money-back guarantee) to help social media marketers, as well as brand and business owners.

Use Reels and Stories

Making use of Instagram stories and reels to engage your audience can help boost your engagement rates, which increases your chances of getting more comments.

In using these methods, you should create engaging and entertaining Reels and Stories with the use of various effects, stickers (such as hashtag stickers, question stickers, etc.), and other interactive features that can motivate your audience to interact with your posts through comments.

Run Contests and Giveaways

Running contests and giveaways on Instagram is a working strategy that would help tap into unreached Instagram users and new audiences on the platform.

However, you must be very strategic in your procedure. Ensure that you pick the right content that your audience would be interested in, state the terms and conditions clearly on your Instagram feeds and stories, and, if possible, automate the winner selection process.

Never forget to announce the winner of your giveaways or contests on your Instagram feed and story as well.

Collaborate with Other Influencers

An influencer in your niche is someone who already has thousands of followers and an active audience with a keen interest in whatever you have to offer.

The influencers you choose to work with must be selected based on their personalities, integrity, online identity, and how well they are able to present you to their audience.

The face of an influencer talking about you or your brand is enough to have your Instagram page buzzing with comments, likes, and followers. Do proper research to identify the best influencer for your brand, and reach out to them in a professional way, preferably via email.


Comments are quite crucial in achieving a successful Instagram strategy for brand growth. But getting thousands and millions of comments does not happen without putting in any strategic efforts.

We have shared with you the best ways to boost comments on your Instagram posts, and we are certain you will find them helpful. So, start taking action now!

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