How to Hire the Right Call Center Outsourcing Service

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Call center outsourcing is an excellent way to keep your business focused on its core competencies. Professional call centers have everything required to run your company operations, including experienced and qualified staff, workstations, computers, the Internet, and more. This eliminates the need to set up and staff an in-house call center, reducing internal overhead costs. Call centers have the experience to manage call volume changes, mainly during peak hours, promoting flexibility.

With call center outsourcing, you can access real-time and monthly, weekly, or daily reporting. It’s also an excellent way to improve customer satisfaction. To enjoy these benefits, you must outsource to the best call center. Here’s how to hire the right call center outsourcing service.

1.    Consider round-the-clock availability

Round-the-clock customer service support implies that your clients can find responses to their concerns and get help on demand regardless of the time zone or time of the day. This helps you meet customer expectations because they can get help anytime they need support. Suppose you offer more convenient services to your customers. The 24-7 customer service solution allows you to remain on top of your support queue by providing a steadier inbound call flow instead of intense inquiries at restricted opening times (9am to 5pm). This ensures you can give quicker resolutions and responses.

Since customers expect the availability of high support levels, a 24-7 support solution can help align with client expectations and requirements while giving your business a human touch. With a trusted call center outsourcing company like CMS, you’re assured of a round-the-clock customer support solution, instantly inviting more clients across broader time zones to enjoy your services.

2.    Look at the cost

While the cost of call center outsourcing is more affordable than an in-house call center, the charges differ based on providers. The rates depend on the time the service provider spends serving your customers. While monthly costs vary from one call center outsourcing company to another, what you do for the services reflects your requested services, call volume, agent work time, additional charges like overage fees, and incremental billing. Before signing up for the services, ask for a pricing breakdown from the companies you’re considering to make an informed decision.

3.    Determine your business needs

Determining your business needs is crucial in selecting the right call center outsourcing service. Your requirements may include live chat support, phone support, IT support, after-hours services, or email services. You can also choose a call center outsourcing service based on whether your campaign needs are their specialization. Based on your campaign needs, you can select a provider specializing in inbound call center services, telemarketing services, outbound call center services, call center monitoring services, virtual assistant services, customer support services, or lead generation services.

4.    Consider the size of your business

Your business size directly impacts the call center size you should work with. Picking a call center company that’s too big will mean no personalized attention and lead to unnecessary spending. Choosing a small provider will drag your company behind and even make it hard to scale up. Hire a call center suitable for your business size and ensure room for expansion. Specific call centers require minimum call volumes. Being ready with an estimate can make it easier to find a provider who best suits the size of your company.

5.    Focus on the data security measures provided by the outsourcing company

Researching and selecting a call center with a robust security system is crucial, especially with the rising number of data breaches and modern technology, helping safeguard your customer data. When selecting a call center, ask potential providers how they protect customer information, where they store it, who can access it and how, how their system is maintained and updated, and what their recruiting, training, and tracking procedures are like. You can also ask for their security certifications to determine if they comply with the regulatory standards.

A call center can have a cloud-based or on-site security system. Cloud-based security systems are more prone to data security issues. If you choose to go the cloud-based way, find out the security measures prospective call centers have in place before settling on one.

6.    Consider experience

The right call center outsourcing company should have industry-specific experience and knowledge. They must have experience in your field or kind of business. For instance, if you’re a software company, you don’t want to hire a call center that only specializes in healthcare management. Look for a service with experience dealing with a software company. Ensure the call center’s staff is confident enough to represent your company.

7.    Look for customizable services

The best call center outsourcing service should be customized to meet your unique company and customer needs. Some call center companies have experience in multiple industries, including Information Technology, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Logistics, Real Estate, Property Management, and more. They can offer custom answering services and other call center solutions based on your business requirements.


Outsourcing call center support is an excellent way to improve customer service, experience, and satisfaction, cut costs, smoothly scale your business, and expand your bottom line. Use these tips to hire the right call center outsourcing service.

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