How to Detect Face Online

Face detection and recognition capability is more relevant now than ever in the digital age. Due to the increased requirement for improved security mechanisms, customized user experiences and creative marketing strategies, face recognition technology is gaining prevalence.

SkyBiometry API for Face Recognition

The face recognition API from SkyBiometry is a confirmation of the capabilities of the cloud-based services in turning the advanced technologies into the more available products. The API provides integration of face detection, recognition, and analysis functionalities in different applications ranging from security systems to customer relationship management tools to personalized marketing platforms. The API offers features such as:

  • Face Detection: Identifies faces from images with high accuracy and provides location of each detected face.
  • Face Recognition: Compares and identifies faces against a database, which is utilized for authentication, identification, and verification purposes.
  • Attribute Analysis: Analyzes facial attributes such as age, gender, mood and many others, so that businesses can glean valuable insights.

Face Detector Online Demo

For those seeking to personally explore the face recognition capabilities, SkyBiometry provides a face detector online demo. This user-friendly software demonstrates the accuracy and efficiency of the API in real-time, allowing users to upload images and see the technology working on the fly.

The demo showcases several features, including:

  • Real-Time Face Detection: Upload a photo, and then the tool will automatically detect all faces within the image.
  • Attribute Recognition: Not only is the demo capable of detecting faces, but the analysis of the attributes of the detected faces gives an idea of where the technology can be utilized.


The advancements in face detection and recognition technology have provided the businesses and developers with new opportunities. SkyBiometry’s API and online demo tool are the main drivers of new areas in the applications of face recognition. It can range from reinforcing security, improving customer experiences or making specific marketing campaigns, the possibilities are almost inexhaustible. In SkyBiometry, the future of face detection is already here providing innovative solutions that are changing the way we interact with the digital world.

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