How to Become a Certified IoT Expert?

How to Become a Certified IoT Expert

Internet of Things or IoT is one of the powerful technologies with the potential to carry the next wave of digital transformation. According to a recent IoT Analytics report, the number of global IoT connections reached 14.3 billion in 2022. Furthermore, experts have drawn conclusions regarding the global IoT market reaching $1.1 trillion in 2023. 

At this point of time, tech professionals want to become certified IoT experts and explore career opportunities as IoT professionals. According to, the average annual salary for an IoT engineer in the United States is around $98,000. The salary for an IoT professional could also increase to $130,000, according to their skills and experience. Let us find out how you can capitalize on the lucrative job opportunities in the IoT sector with a certification. 

Certified IoT Professional Certification 

The growth of the global IoT market and the availability of new career opportunities provide strong reasons to learn IoT and pursue a career in the new domain. However, aspiring professionals could have doubts regarding the choice of certification to support their IoT training. You should look for a certification that not only offers insights into fundamentals of Internet of Things but also their practical implications. 

Interestingly, you can find answers to “How do I become an IoT analyst?” by choosing credentials like the Certified IoT Professional certification.  The CIOTP certification is a comprehensive training resource to build your IoT expertise for practical implementation. On top of it, the Certified IoT Professional certification comes from 101 Blockchains, a pioneer in blockchain and web3 training. The platform aims to prepare candidates for the future of digital transformation with training resources on new technologies. 

Learning Objectives of CIOTP Certification 

The first highlight of an IoT certification refers directly to the learning objectives associated with the certification training course. In the case of Certified IoT Professional certification, you can find the following learning objectives. 

  • Comprehensive understanding of Internet of Things, the technology behind it, and the business prospects. 
  • Knowledge about the perspectives of users on Internet of Things applications. 
  • Developing skills for generating ideas and new designs for IoT-based applications.
  • Familiarizing with the possibilities for integrating blockchain and artificial intelligence in IoT.

Apart from the learning objectives, you must also evaluate IoT certification like CIOTP on the basis of topics they cover. Here are the specific topics covered in the CIOTP certification training course, 

  • Technology stack needed to create IoT applications.
  • Best practices for IoT business implementations.
  • Value advantages of successful IoT applications for users, supported by examples.

Special Highlights of the IoT Certification Training Course

The ability to become IoT experts with easy access to certification training courses and other learning resources is a formidable advantage in your favor. The Internet of Things is a rapidly expanding landscape with multiple new opportunities for professionals. One of the most promising highlights of the CIOTP certification is that it caters to the needs of the following target audience. 

  • C-level executives or managers in companies that want to adopt IoT.
  • Project managers, program managers, or product managers working on IoT applications.
  • Entrepreneurs working on implementation of new ideas for IoT business.
  • Developers are interested in learning about the Internet of Things and the relevant applications.

On top of it, the CIOTP certification can help establish the foundations for IoT security training and other advanced topics. You can use the Certified IoT Professional certification course as a stepping stone for your career in IoT. Most important of all, you can learn from an industry expert with years of experience in working with IoT solutions. 


The discussions about resources to become certified IoT expert would bring you close to reliable choices like the Certified IoT Professional certification. CIOTP certification is a trusted choice for all aspiring IoT professionals as it covers the fundamental concepts of IoT alongside its practical implications. As a result, you can not only learn about the architecture of IoT but also specialize in the business implementations of IoT. 

The most promising highlight of CIOTP for aspiring IoT experts is the opportunity to learn about the impact of AI and blockchain on IoT. As a result, the certification training course can prepare candidates for IoT jobs of the future, which would demand blockchain and AI expertise. Find more details about the Certified IoT Professional certification and take the first step towards a career in IoT now. 

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