6 LMS Myths Debunked

6 LMS Myths Debunked

When purchasing a learning management system (LMS), your business should take its time. The continual growth of the LMS sector on a global scale is evidence of the enormous value of learning management systems for companies and educational institutions. 

Learning management systems have the potential to offer a high return on investment and can be very advantageous to your business. You should be aware of several myths, though, as they could impact your choice.

To help you choose your LMS wisely, we have dispelled and debunked the following six myths.

LMS Maintenance Is A Challenging Task.

Many people think it’s challenging to set up, maintain, and—most importantly—update a learning management system. But this is not the case. Most of the time, LMS administrators keep learning management systems updated and seamless. To solve any issues, they also provide technical help and assistance. These LMSs can also be quickly configured to match a company’s unique training needs. 

The next time someone tells you that operating an LMS is complicated, don’t believe them!

Using LMS Requires Technological Expertise.

Another pervasive and false misconception about using an LMS is that learners need to be technologically savvy and experienced. 

But nowadays, most LMS offer user interfaces that are uncomplicated and easy to use. Consequently, your instructors or learners can utilize these LMS the same way your employees use websites and applications. Most LMS producers give the platform’s user interface a lot of attention and work to ensure that anyone can use it without investing extra time or effort. Additionally, they can provide training and support if the users need it.

eLearning Is Only Helpful For Learning New Things; It Has No Impact On Developing Soft Skills.

Employees may, without a doubt, acquire coding languages, project management techniques, computer skills, etc., swiftly through eLearning. However, many individuals doubt eLearning’s efficiencies in teaching employees soft skills, such as leadership or communication. Many believe that eLearning is only helpful for theoretical learning and acquiring knowledge.

You’d unquestionably need a coach or assessor to help you with soft skill education and training, but you can also achieve this through online learning. 

For instance, an LMS powered by VR (Virtual Reality) enables you to practice your sales pitch in a virtual environment. Employees can continually seek help from eLearning specialists to advance their skills and comprehension. Employees may communicate more effectively and get to know one another better through video calls, both of which are soft skill components.

Employees May Become Distracted By eLearning.

Distractions are commonly believed to be brought on by computers, mobile phones, tablets, and the internet. However, drawing such broad generalizations might be misleading. Even if many employees participate in the online training session, they are actively doing unproductive and unnecessary things. They play video games and chat with friends and coworkers, for instance. Some employees take advantage of the opportunity to learn from eLearning specialists seriously and never take it for granted. 

eLearning supports gamification and social learning, which keeps workers focused. Through games, learning is made fascinating and enjoyable, and employee motivation is kept at a high level.

LMS Are Challenging To Update.

An organization must deploy, run and manage onsite or on-premise LMSs using its IT staff. While this was true earlier, things have now evolved. A business can benefit from cloud-based LMS systems without hiring internal IT personnel. The provider will update and maintain the cloud-based LMS and provide technical assistance. Furthermore, cloud-based LMSs can be customized and set up quickly to fit an organization’s online training or learning needs.


Opinions surround every product that is sold on the market. Although these are generally untruths, they are just and proper on occasion. The same is true for LMS. The eLearning myths described above commonly deter businesses from implementing eLearning. Although there are and always will be myths around eLearning, it is up to you to see through them and take advantage of the opportunity.

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Written by Joshua White


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