How to Be A Better Driver in 2024

How to Be A Better Driver in 2024

Admit it, we all like to think that we’re the smartest and best driver on the road out there. Especially when people are driving below the speed limit, failing to indicate, and driving in the wrong lane. But the truth is that all of us could benefit from being a little more patient behind the wheel and also working on our current driving techniques!

When it comes to driving, it doesn’t take long for bad habits to become normal behavior, but when you’re behind the wheel, those bad habits can quickly cause accidents and put yourself, your passengers, and other people in danger. In this post, we’ll explore how you can make some simple changes to your driving habits, reduce your risk of an accident, and become a better driver in 2024, read on to find out more.

Focus on Your Car Insurance

It’s a legal requirement to have car insurance in place in the UK. So, make sure you’re not driving without it. Worryingly, many drivers hit the road without realizing that their policies haven’t auto-renewed, or have been canceled for some reason – so it’s always worth checking that you have a policy in place.

Additionally, finding cheaper car insurance can take the sting out of your monthly expenses and encourage you to engage in better driving habits. You can make a start and head to a car insurance comparison site for the latest prices. It’s also a great time to explore ways to keep your premiums down, such as reducing your mileage, considering black box insurance, adding security features to your vehicle, and driving a less powerful car.

Keep Your Vehicle Well Maintained

Keeping on top of your vehicle’s health will make you a better driver. Get into the habit of checking the condition of your tyres, ensuring your headlamps, brake lights and indicators are working properly, oil and water levels are correct, and keeping your car clean – all of these factors will help you to be a better driver and keep you and other road users safe.

Don’t Feel Pressure By Other Drivers

You might be doing the speed limit, but the driver behind is tailgating you and you feel pressure to speed up. You might be worried about confrontation or you feel so angry that you’re being pressured to increase your speed that you slow down to annoy them further.

The best solution is to not let other drivers get under your skin. If another driver is impatient, keep yourself safe, follow the rules of the road, and pull over – when it is safe to do so – if you need to.  The impatience of others is not worth risking your life or the lives of your passengers for.

Stay Alert

When we become familiar with certain roads, it’s easy to become distracted and allow our alertness to drop – this is especially true on the roads surrounding our homes. But, as the majority of car accidents occur within a 15-mile radius of our homes, it’s incredibly important to maintain high levels of awareness. Whether you’re pulling out of a junction, going around a roundabout, or driving down a busy intersection, always think ahead and keep your eyes on the road.

Final Thoughts…

Becoming a better driver in 2024 doesn’t necessarily mean paying for more lessons or taking driver’s courses, just increasing your awareness, maintaining your vehicle, and exercising a little patience can make the difference.

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Written by Joshua White

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