Now a day everyone is talking about reheatz and one question that comes to mind is Does the reheatza microwave crisper work. Leftover pizza loses its crispness but reheating in reheatz makes it crisp. Moreover, this product can also be used for cooking eggs as well.

Are you looking for the high-quality crispness of your snacks even after reheating? We always have leftover pizza that we want to eat later but after putting it in the fridge it loses its crispness. Generally, when you rewarm your food in the microwave it loses its crispness and sometimes texture. Cooking on a stove can be hazardous as it requires practice and cooking skills.

However, we have a solution to your problem that is the reheatza microwave crisper. This product on reheating retains the crispness and freshness of pizza, garlic bread, nuggets, and even fries. It converts microwave energy into conductive heat and results are similar to a fry pan and griller. Furthermore, this product is cheap and gives amazing results.

In this article, I will share my experience with reheatza microwave crisper and answer questions like Does the reheatza microwave crisper work and is it worth it.

Reheatza microwave crisper what’s included

Reheatza microwave crisper gives you high-quality crispness of your leftover favorite snack in minutes. This crisper is considered perfect for pizza, sandwiches, fries, chicken nuggets and wings, and many more.  You can also make eggs in reheatza. Unfortunately, this product is not dishwasher safe. Now let’s look at what’s inside the box.

This product consists of a lid, base with handle, and a nonstick pan on it. Additionally, accessories like bolts, silicon washer, and lid handle are included as well. Furthermore, the pan diameter is 10 inches, and it is suitable for microwave with 12.5” Length,12.5” Width, and 5” Height and it recommended for microwave with a turntable.

Moreover, the reheatza microwave crisper has carbon steel manufacture and the ceramic is PFDA –free.

How does reheatza microwave crisper works

If you want to understand the mechanism of reheatz you should first know the basic working of a microwave. Generally, Microwave is efficient and effective because it interacts with tiny water molecules inside the food by radiation and then heat is transferred to food and results in cooking or heating. 

Whereas the secret behind the reheatz heating mechanism is it converts microwave energy into conductive heat and thus providing crispiness in your leftover food items. Simply, the base absorbs the microwave heat and it can easily heat up to 400 F and then heat is transferred to the pan through the simple process of conduction. Additionally, Microwave safe lid saves food from direct microwave heat.

How to use reheatza microwave crisper

Reheatza is very simple to use and the instruction manual is available with the product, but if in some rare cases you don’t get it or you lost it ,you can always search for online manuals like

  1. Preheat the base pan without a lid in the microwave for 2 minutes. Heating in the microwave is slower than on the stove.
  2. In the second step Put the leftover food like pizza, sandwiches, or fries on the pan.
  3. In the third step, microwave the reheatz for 2 minutes with the lid.
  4. If the food needs to be flipped then turn the food and microwave for 2 minutes more. Flip the food with the help of a spatula or fork.
  5. If the food is not cooked, then again microwave for 2 minutes.

Results of reheatz with different leftovers

To test the working of reheatz microwave, I tried this product with different leftovers that are

  1. Pizza
  2. Cheese sandwich
  3. Fries


By following the simple instruction that is described above. The pizza turned out crispy and fresh. In my opinion, this product is a reheater it can heat already cooked food but it is written on the box that it can cook the fresh chicken too. However, I think it is not possible and if it may it’s going to take too much time.

Cheese sandwich

I did the same steps with a cheese sandwich. The bread didn’t crisp at all. On the other hand, it was soggy and it didn’t even turn brown as shown on the box.


After reheating my fries in the reheatz it turns out mushy and there was no crisp.


  • The pizza crust is crispy and fresh 
  • The lid protects the food from microwave radiation
  • No stick pan is easy to clean and food doesn’t stick on it
  • Microwave safe
  • It has PFDA-free ceramic
  • Imported quality
  • Carbon steel manufacturing
  • Hand wash clean
  • Low-priced 


  • Heating takes more time than time written on the box
  • The cheese sandwich didn’t crisp and browned


In this article, it is explained briefly that Does the reheatza microwave crisper work. In my opinion, it’s a useful product for pizza lovers that want to reheat the leftover pizza but it’s not a good choice for grilling sandwich and fries.

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