How To Always Win Ludo Game Online

Have you heard of the game Ludo? Well, who hasn’t? The name brings back all our childhood memories. With advanced technology, today, you can play it on your mobile using ludo game download apk.

Ludo originated in India around 3000 years ago and was known as ‘Pachisi’. With time, the game has undergone a few changes but is still doing great. The game allows users to keep their mind running trying to predict the opponent’s next move. However, it is your game plan or strategy that will help you win. So, if you want to always win ludo game online, we got you covered! 

6 Tricks and Tips to Help You Win Ludo Game Online 

1.     Open All Your Tokens 

Rolling a six from the dice is not in your control. So, whenever you roll a six, make sure to open all your tokens first. This way you won’t struggle if one of your tokens reaches ‘home’. Having fewer options is never a good strategy to win the game. 

2.     Avoid Racing A Single Token

  • In Ludo, you win when all your tokens reach ‘home’. So, always open all four of them and move them simultaneously. 
  • Try to spread all your tokens on the board. This way you will be able to block or even capture your opponent’s tokens and stand a chance of winning the game. 
  • If you want to play Ludo online, do try it using ludo game download apk. You can enjoy playing it with your friends or even family. 

3.     Capture Your Opponent’s Tokens

While in the Ludo game you must open all your tokens and move them simultaneously, you must also make sure to capture your opponent’s tokens. You must send the opponent’s tokens back to their play-yard. This is another trick you should use if you want to win the game. 

4.     Block Your Opponent’s Pieces

If you aren’t successful in capturing your opponent’s tokens or pieces, you can try to block them instead. This way, they won’t be able to get past your tokens or capture them. In simple words, make sure to keep an eye on every token on the board if you want to win the game. 

5.     Keep Your Tokens Safe

  • While you need to keep blocking or capturing your opponent’s tokens, you must make sure to keep your tokens safe.
  • Avoid moving a token that is about to reach the home triangle. Instead, keep moving other tokens that are less likely to be captured by opponents. Moving your tokens wisely across the board is important if you want to stay ahead of your opponents. 

6.     Have Your Own Strategy in Place 

  • You should have your unique strategy in place. While some people like being aggressive others play the game without capturing their opponent’s tokens. 
  • We recommend you have gameplay before starting the game. To win a game, you need to play a little safe but at the same be aggressive enough with your strategy so you can win the game. 
  • Put simply, you should know all the rules of the game before playing it online. If you understand how to roll the die properly, when to capture or block your opponent’s tokens, you will stand a better chance at winning the game. 

A Few FAQs

  1. How Can I Play Ludo Online? 

You can use the ludo game download apk and install the game in your Android device. It is easy to download and install these apps. You can even share these apps with your friends and family. 

  1. Is Ludo A Luck Based or Strategy Based Game? 

In general, it is neither a game based on luck or skill based. It is a strategy based game in which you do not have the control over the die rolls. 

  1. Is There Any Particular Colour That Always Wins? 

No, there is no particular colour that wins. Winning the game is purely based on the understanding of the game or the strategy you use.

  1. Is Opening All My Tokens A Safe Strategy?

It sure is. In fact, it is important you open all your tokens as soon as possible as it will give you a better chance at winning the game. 

Final Thoughts 

Ludo is a fun game that can be played with people of any age group. Hopefully, our tips always help you win the game. 

If you are an online game lover then download the ludo game app and enjoy!