Social media advertising is crucial to the success of any online marketing campaign. In 2022 it’s been estimated that the typical user spends about two hours and forty-seven minutes on social media daily. You’re probably already investing in advertising on Facebook and Instagram, but have you considered a Pinterest advertising campaign?

Pinterest is known for its mood boards, recipe hacks, and aesthetic appeal. People create boards and then find image-based pins for inspiration. These “pins” offer more information when users click on them and can even link to an external website. By advertising with Pinterest, you can target an audience actively searching for the inspiration your brand or service can provide. 

Who Uses Pinterest? 

Pinterest has about 418 million users, with more than half residing in the United States. 71% of Pinterest users are female; the platform is particularly popular with mothers. The demographic typically earns a minimum of $75,000/ year – that’s a lot of spending power. And Pinterest users are looking to spend, with 48% of users listing shopping as a tip priority. 

In an April 2021 study, Dynata found that Pinterest shoppers had a 30% bigger basket when compared with traditional social media sites.  Plus, shoppers were spending 2X more via Pinterest. By choosing to advertise with Pinterest, you could see an ROI much faster than using Instagram or Facebook alone.

Since most Pinterest users are affluent women and mothers, brands that target this demographic will see the most success. Feeds are dominated by: cooking, home décor, fashion, beauty trends, and handmade goods. Even if your brand sits slightly on the periphery of these trends a little fine tuned targeting could help you reach a wider audience

How Much will Pinterest Advertising Cost?

There is no set price for Pinterest ad campaigns. Like their competitors, Pinterest applies a bidding model for ad placements. You will bid against comeptitors for specific keywords and brand placements. This gives you a lot of control over how much or how little you spend. 

First you’ll choose from three types of advertising goals – what are you trying to achieve through this ad? 

  1. Brand Awareness: get your ad seen by as many relevant users as possible. You’ll pay between $2-5 per thousand impressions (CPM). If you choose a keyword which many companies may bid over, like interior decorating. Find ways to appeal to more niche searches to make the most of your budget.
  2. Boosting Online Engagement: get users to click on and/or engage with your advertisement. This will cost between $0.10-1.50 per click. 
  3. Driving Web Traffic: drive traffic directly to your site through Pinterest. By providing a specific link you can even prompt users to engage in a specific way, like subscribe to an email list for more recipes or purchase a unique handmade item. The price for this is also $0.10-$1.15 per click. 

With Pinterst advertising campaigns you are in control of your budget. This will allow you to optomize the data anlytics feature to ensure your spending your money on posts that curate awareness and engagement. 

What Types of Ads Can You Create? 

Pinterest allows for a variety of posting styles which allows for creativity when curating your advertising campaign. 

  • Standard Photo Pins: Pinterest’s native format, showcase your brand through an image. You can add a link and logo as well as text. Use the 500 word maximum to your advantage by curating engaging copy. 
  • Video Pins: more eye catching than a photograph, you can use short videos in your advertising campaign. Remember, most users will be scrolling with the sound off – so prioritize the visual aspect and use captions when necessary. 
  • Idea Pins: aka story pins, these function similarly to Instagram stories. They provide a series of videos or images the user can flip through and create highly engaging educational content. 
  • Carosel Pins: similar in appearance to a traditional image pin, but it allows you to post a series of 2-5 images in a collection the the user can swipe through. 
  • Shopping Pins: allows the user to immediately make a purchase either via Pinterest or a link which takes them to an ecommerce site. 
  • Collections: appear as one large hero image or video, with three smaller assets below. The mobile user can click on these posts to expand to a full screen display of up to 24 items. Great for showing off an entire collection. 

To get the most out of your Pinterest advertising campaign focus on your visuals, make the most of your copy, and track your analytics. Use a variety of different posting styles to find what drives the most engagement for your brand. 

Optimize Results by Working With a Pinterest Advertising Agency 

If you want to truly optomize your Pinterest advertising campaign, consider working with an advertising agency. While you certainly can create a campaign on your own, by investing you take out a lot of the guess work. A Pinterest ad agency will know what stragies and tactics will best benefit your brand. They can help take your budget even further with their unparalelled expertise. 

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