How IT staffing agencies compete with FAANG for tech talent

When it comes to hiring tech talent, IT staffing companies are up against some formidable competition, particularly from large corporations like FAANG tech giants. However, IT outstaffing services can still attract top talent by focusing on some key strategies and industry-hacks known to people specializing in HR Ops.

Silicon Valley Hiring

Firstly, what is FAANG? It is an acronym for the world’s five most valuable technology companies: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google. These companies are known for their massive market capitalization and influence on the tech industry.

So, what is FAANG strategy on hiring? While FAANG companies are known for their competitive salaries and benefits, they often prioritize hiring top talent over retaining current employees. It can lead to a high turnover rate and a need for more diversity within the company.

FAANG’s emphasis on skills and potential can sometimes result in overlooking qualified candidates who may not have had the opportunity to work on impressive projects or contribute to open-source communities. The rigorous interview process can also be daunting and intimidating, creating an emotionally taxing  environment for potential employees.

Lastly, while the Big Tech offers career growth opportunities, those may not be equally available to all employees and can lead to a lack of upward mobility for some.

IT Staffing: Humanity, Efficiency, Flexibility

Can IT staffing agencies revolutionize the approach to tech hiring and “outhire” the tech giants? They are already able to offer a more personalized and comprehensive approach to hiring and retaining tech talent than FAANG companies, but that’s not all.


FAANG companies often have various technological demands and may need more experience in a specific field than a specialized IT recruitment company.

For example, an IT staffing firm specializing in data analytics or cloud computing can focus on finding and recruiting professional talent in those fields. It might help businesses create ties with clients in that industry or technology sector, making them more appealing to clients searching for employees with specific skill sets.

Specialization can also help IT staffing companies position themselves as industry experts. They can provide better informed advice to clients and candidates if they thoroughly understand a particular technology or sector.

Personalized Service

IT staffing agencies can work closely with clients to understand their needs and provide individualized support throughout the hiring process. Candidates may also prefer working with smaller agencies where they can receive more attention and support during the job search process.


IT staffing firms can provide more flexible employment options, such as contract, remote, or project-based work, in contrast to FAANG’s occasionally rigorous hiring process.

Flexibility can be a crucial aspect of a candidate’s job search. For better management of their personal and professional life, many candidates appreciate having a flexible work schedule or being able to work from home. IT staffing agencies can offer these types of opportunities, which can be appealing to candidates with family responsibilities, health issues, or other commitments.

Through contract or project-based work, they can also provide applicants with more chances to get experience in various industries or technologies. It can be particularly attractive to candidates who want to expand their skill sets and gain exposure to different types of projects.

Competitive Salaries and Benefits

While IT staffing agencies may not be able to match the same salaries and benefits as larger businesses like FAANG companies, they can still offer competitive compensation packages. IT staffing agencies can have valuable insight into local market rates and offer higher wages and more benefits to attract top talent. They can also provide additional perks like professional development opportunities, flexible work schedules, and other motivations.

Employer Branding

Developing a strong employer brand can be crucial for competing with FAANG tech companies in attracting leading talent. Thinking about improving your professional brand or creating a new one from scratch? Great! Here are a few helpful suggestions on how to do it.

It’s essential to define your company’s values and culture. This includes identifying what your company stands for, what makes it unique, and the kind of workplace you want to create. Once you have a clear vision of your values and culture, it’s important to communicate them effectively to your employees and candidates.

Create a compelling employer value proposition (EVP) tailored to your company’s values and culture. Your EVP should highlight the unique benefits and rewards that your company offers to its employees and should appeal to your target audience. It has to emphasize why candidates should choose to work for your company over others.

Offer competitive compensation and benefits packages on par with FAANG companies. You should also consider providing perks such as flexible working hours, health and wellness programs, and career development opportunities.

Emphasize your company’s mission and impact. Many candidates are passionate about working for companies that positively impact society. Highlight your company’s mission and how you are making a difference.

Utilize social media and other marketing channels to promote your employer brand. Share employee testimonials, photos, videos of your workplace, and information about your culture and values. Engage with your audience and react to their questions and comments.

Lastly, provide a positive candidate experience. When a candidate applies for a job at your company, ensure a positive experience. This includes responding to their inquiries promptly, keeping them informed throughout the hiring process, and providing feedback after interviews. It helps build a positive reputation and attracts more candidates in the future.

Networking and Referrals

IT staffing agencies can leverage their existing networks and relationships to attract top talent.  They have access to  industry events and conferences to connect with potential candidates and build relationships with other professionals. Typically, IT staffing agencies can tap into a larger talent pool and attract more qualified candidates by making a solid network.

Data-Driven Hiring

Using data, IT staffing agencies can identify the most effective candidate sourcing channels, such as job boards, social media, or employee referrals. Through those recruiters are able to recruit top talent and tap into a larger pool of qualified applicants.

Staffing companies are usually more flexible with hiring than large tech companies like FAANG. They tend to have a shorter hiring process with fewer interview stages and can fill positions more quickly. This is because they are mainly interested in finding candidates with specific technical skills and experience that match their clients’ requirements. In contrast, larger tech companies like FAANG may have a more extensive hiring process with multiple stages of interviews and assessments.

By using data to streamline the hiring process, IT staffing agencies can quickly reduce the time-to-hire and secure top talent. For example, they can automate candidate screening and assessment, prioritize the most qualified candidates, and reduce the time spent on administrative tasks.

Data-driven hiring allows IT staffing agencies to make more objective and unbiased hiring decisions. By removing human biases and relying on accurate data, IT staffing agencies can ensure that candidates are evaluated based on their skills and qualifications rather than subjective factors like education or work experience.

To sum it all up, IT staffing companies can attract suitable candidates for their clients and help them meet their business objectives. While it may not be easy, IT staffers can succeed in today’s competitive tech talent landscape by focusing on the abovementioned strategies.

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