How HR Can Cut Chaos At Work With Technology

The human resource department is always the heart of an organisation. However, managing time can become challenging with so many compliances to handle and employees to deal with.

As an HR, have you ever been in a situation where you have a lot of things to take care of but are stuck because there are various employee queries to resolve? You are not alone. Since human resources is an integral part of any organisation, HR managers are often tasked with resolving queries, keeping track of compliance adherence, and hiring new talent to match the organisation’s growing needs. Amidst all this, managing manual tasks is a challenge, but technology has been helping the department make the most of its time by automating many tasks that otherwise take hours to complete.

Here’s how the HR department can cut the chaos by using technology:

  1. Automating existing processes

Before deciding to implement technology, you must review current processes to know where to start. Manual processes like going through CVs, filtering talent, and carrying out performance management can be handled using HR automation tools. These tools can be used to implement a data-driven approach by conducting surveys and deriving outcomes from analytics.

Other areas where automation can help the HR department include recruitment and applicant tracking, payroll and benefits, onboarding and offboarding, time and attendance, and training. Additionally, when you review the existing processes, you may come across steps that are not needed and can eliminate them to save time.

  1. Integrate HR services with payroll

Having multiple tools to get work done will create confusion, increase the chances of double entries, and make it challenging to get more work done during crunch hours. That’s where integrations can come in handy. While tools like Zapier can help with the process, you do not necessarily have to use one tool only. There are ample Zapier alternative tools that can help synchronise processes across platforms. These platforms will significantly reduce the workload by syncing data and ensuring uniformity across multiple tools.

Integrating HR services with payroll will make it easier to add employee information, keep track of attendance, and issue employee benefits to qualifying candidates. Moreover, the integration can also help the administration department by making updated employee-related information available for quick reference.

  1. Adding self-service feature

Responding to employees whenever they have a query is crucial. However, this can easily become distracting when you’re trying to focus on completing your work, and it may take longer than anticipated. To tackle this, creating an automated self-service portal can be incredibly helpful as it allows employees to find what they are looking for without contacting the HR department immediately. Automation can be used for many things, including general queries about policies, checking attendance, regulations to apply for leave, etc.

Simplifying work and creating room for innovation

The HR department is always buzzing with queries, and getting work done can become challenging. However, by using technology to automate responses and integrating tools to make uniform information available everywhere, the department can save plenty of time and always stay ahead of the curve.

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