How Automatic License Plate Recognition Works

How Automatic License Plate Recognition Works

Automatic license plate recognition comes in various names. If you like, you can refer to this important tool as automatic number plate recognition.

In an era where innovation is rapidly altering the way people work, live and interact, automatic license plate recognition is emerging as a game changer!

An innovation that flawlessly blends data analytics, artificial intelligence, and modern cameras, automatic license plate recognition is revolutionizing different industries.

This article explores what ALPR from SentiVeillance is and how it works. Also, the article sheds light on its outstanding applications. Let’s find out more.

Automatic License Plate Recognition in Details

Automatic license plate recognition is a system designed and created to collect, interpret and store license plate data from automobiles. The system collects a massive array of data, including:

  • License plate’s alphanumeric characters
  • Date
  • The location
  • Time of the capture

Various sectors and settings can benefit from this technology, from toll collection and parking facilities to law enforcement and traffic management. And what is more? These systems help organizations achieve their security and safety goals.

How Automatic License Plate Recognition Works

An automatic license plate recognition captures and reads vehicle registration marks. After that, they compare these details against database records. Let’s go through all the steps:

  • A camera takes a photo of a vehicle number plate
  • The photo is passed to a reader that allocates the vehicle registration marks and interprets the characters and letters so that they can be easily identified using an optical character recognition algorithm.
  • A photo of the view of the number plate or overview camera is stored and checked against the database

Automatic license plate recognition data includes “read” and “hit” data. So, what does it mean to “read” or “hit” data? Let’s find out:

“Read” and “Hit” Data

A “read is the capture of the vehicle registration marks and photo of the automobile as it goes through the camera view.

“Read” data describes all the data gathered as automobiles pass through the automatic license plate recognition algorithm. A “hit” data is a match to vehicle registration marks stored in the database being searched.

Automatic license plate recognition relies on special cameras and powerful software algorithms to identify and interpret characters and letters on vehicles. ALR’s versatility makes it a vital tool in different industries such as:

  • Traffic management
  • Law enforcement
  • Security

Knowing how the license plate recognition algorithm works sheds enough light on its applications and the rewards it brings to this modern world. Are you interested in this fantastic innovation? ALPR from SentiVeillance can be a perfect solution for you.

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