Hot Mama Gowns after Shark Tank Here is the latest update and story so far

Hot Mama Gowns after Shark Tank Here is the latest update and story so far

Deidrea Haysel appeared with Hot Mama Gowns on Shark Tank Season 2 episode 6. Finally, Her Maternity clothing company got a deal with Barbara Corcoran. It’s $30000 for 40% equity from the company. However, in the end, Deidrea didn’t accept the offer. And, the company did well for some time even without the Shark’s support. 

Unfortunately, Despite the positive reviews, Hot Mama Gowns stopped business in 2013. So, what happened to Hot Mama Gowns after the Shark Tank? Let’s find out more.

Hot Mama Gowns Net worth UPDATE 2022

The net worth of the Hot Mama Gowns for 2022 is unavailable. It’s because the company is out of business since 2013. However, the company was valuated at around $150,000 at the time appearing on Shark Tank.

How are Hot Mama Gowns doing now? [Latest update]

According to online records, the company stopped updating Twitter in 2013. Also, the company’s official site has been taken down. Followingly Product is not available on Amazon since then. So, it is considered company ceased all operations in 2013.

What is “Hot Mama Gowns”?

Hot Mama Gowns is a Maternity clothing company. They created 100% organic cotton dresses for Breastfeeding mothers. Also, the gowns are designed in sizes 2 to 24 for women in all sizes and shapes. They were specially retailed in a comfortable way for mothers. A gown was previously sold for $119 and reduced to $70-90 after the shark Tank. 

Who is the founder of Hot Mama Gowns?

Deidrea Haysel is the founder of Hot Mama Gowns. She was a pharmaceutical Representative before fully engaging in her business. Not only that she is a loving wife and a mother. 

founder of Hot Mama Gowns Deidrea Haysel

What happened at the Shark Tank?

Haysel pitched in Shark Tank hoping for $ 30,000 for 20% of equity. Firstly, she described how she got the inspiration after her own experience.  And she shares her plan to take the business next level with the sharks’ assistant. 

The gowns were 100% organic cotton and specially designed for mothers. And the business was valued at around $150,000 at the time of the show. But sales of the Hot Mama Gowns in two Years were $11500. Also, she had materials worth $ 20000 at the time. 

However, Kevin O’Leary decided to drop the deal because he thought it was just an idea. Robert Herjavec considered about the business doesn’t have a marketing plan. Daymond Jhon and Kevin Harrington also followed him. But finally, Barbara Corcoran offered $30000 for 40% of equity. However, Haysel decided to drop the deal because she didn’t accept the conditions of the offer.

Hot Mama Gowns Shark Tank Update – What happened after the Shark Tank

Haysel explained the shark’s maternity market is worth billions and increasing sales by 12% since 2002. The manufacturing cost of Hot Mama Gowns was $49 and sold for $119. But surprisingly she gained all the sales without advertising.

But Daymond thought she has all the answers and Harrington doesn’t like working part-time. This made them not invest. Also, Haysel didn’t like the “one size fits all” idea by Barbara. However, Barbara requested to create only three sizes small medium, and Large. But Haysel didn’t agree and thought 40% equity is excessive to her limits.

 So, Barbara had to withdraw her deal. Hence Hot Mama Gowns Left the Shark Tank Without a deal. But the company continued business successfully even without the shark’s deal. They sold their products on the official site of Amazon and retail shops. However, the company took down its site and stopped updating social media in 2013. So it’s considered the business closed since then.

Why Hot Mama Gowns Shark Tank special? [Product Review]

The Hospital Gowns designed by Hot Mama Gowns are made with 100% organic cotton. So, it made the gowns feel soft. Also, the gowns are short-sleeved and comfortable to wear. So, it made it easy to IVS and blood pressure at the hospitals.

Not only do the buttons in the back give mothers an option to cover their back more than the normal hospital gowns. Also, the product was designed in a breastfeeding-friendly way.

Who are the Competitors of the company?

There are plenty of clothing brands creating comfortable Maternity gowns similar to products these days. However, Begg Maternity and Tilly Maternity are considered the closest competitors for the company. 

Hot Mama gowns was one of the Shark Tank pitches left without a deal. But the Product was yet attracted to customers after the show. However, the company is out of business in 2022. But you can find many similar products online now.


Is Hot Mama Gowns still in business?

No, the company stopped its operation in January 2013.

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Written by MSM Riham

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