Hells Bells Helmets Net Worth- What Happened To Hells Bells Helmets After Shark Tank

Hells Bells Helmets Net Worth- What Happened To Hells Bells Helmets After Shark Tank

Designing a custom helmet is too expensive and time-consuming. The process from start to finish can take days, if not weeks, of waiting and shelling out thousands of dollars for someone to make you a helmet just for you.

Also, biking accidents are a significant concern globally that is often fatal, especially for children. There is also an increasing concern about how much attention drivers give bikers when they’re on the road.

Hells Bells Helmets has been created to offer motorcycle enthusiasts the opportunity to design their own custom 3D Motorcycle Helmet. Their helmets’ unique designs are made from the highest quality materials and are more affordable than the other competitors.

Read what happened to Hells bells helmets worth and networth update in brief here.

What Is Hells Bells Helmets?

Hells Bells Helmets is a company that designs custom 3D helmets for bikes. They offer unique helmets for motorcycle enthusiasts. Matrix Stone, a sculptor, founded the company.

Hells Bells Helmets is the only company in America that creates custom motorcycle helmets from scratch. 

Hells Bells Helmets is a company that designs custom 3D helmets for bikes. They offer unique helmets for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Hells Bells Helmets Founders 

Founder Marix Stone is an artist and sculptor by trade who has worked with bikes. He has been making these one-of-kind headpieces since 1993 after seeing how many people were having trouble finding a good-looking lid for their ride because they didn’t want something dingy or outdated yet couldn’t afford anything posh either!

Stone and Nancy Tanchel started their 3D printed custom helmets making company and now hold a patent for their products. 

What Happened At The Shark Tank?

The Shark Tank is a program where businesses can get money from investors. Stone and Tanchel asked for $500,000 in exchange for 20% of their company.

Cancel has just informed the sharks that they own a patent that enables them to apply 3D designs on motorcycle helmets and sporting headgear. With this new development, the company is currently making $300k worth of sales every year!

Kevin Harrington asked about the profit margin, and Stone said the Hells Bells Helmet goes for around $175 and has a 50% profit margin.

Kevin then said he believes there is a potential in this business, but he thought throwing 5M dollars into this could be a risk. So mostly, he was out of the deal. 

O’Leary and Barbara also did not make any offer saying this is not a proven successful business model, and called them out.

Daymond says Hells Bells Helmets may make money by licensing their technology to other helmet companies. He offers $500K for 50% of the company, and Stone and Cancel agree.

Anyway, the deal with Daymond was never finalized. 

What happened to Hell’s Bells Helmets After the Shark Tank?

Getting out of Shark Tank with nothing in hand wasn’t bad luck for Stone and Tencel. The Hells Bell Helmets continued to grow after the Shark Tank episode.

Hells Bells Helmets rebranded the company to Badass Helmets.

The company has its online store called ‘BADASS Helmets,’ Now, they sell apparel with some cute-looking ‘dog helmets .’They made more than $ 12 million in revenue in 2022.

We tried to check the current price of those 3D printed helmets and apparel they are offering. At times this article writing online ordering is closed for some reason. But there is an option on the website to find a physical store near you. 

As the company is trying to grow its network and produce more helmets for the biker community, they welcome new dealers for their products. If you are interested in becoming one go to this web page on their official website and fill in the details. 

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Hells Bells Helmets Net Worth

Tencel was predicted to earn $ 300K for the year 2020. Now they have extended their products to other areas, like apparel company net worth must have doubled.

So we assume the Hells Bells Helmets’ net worth should already be above $ 2 million. With a revenue of over $ 12 million in 2021, we assume their net worth is above $ 15 million.

This Shark Tank episode 11 of season one, the Badass Helmets, is a somewhat unique business concept in the 3D printing industry. We believe that this kind of business has more potential as the industry is fast growing and tech-rich.


Where to buy heels bells helmets?

They are available for purchase through their official website.

Are Hells Bells helmets still in business?

Following the shark tank event, the firm expanded significantly. They are still in business as of May 2022.

How much are Hells Bells helmets worth?

The company was valued at $2 million during the pitch.
we assume Hell’s bells helmets’ net worth is above $15 million in 2022.


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