Google’s New Gemini AI Beats GPT-4: Raises Questions on AI Rules

Google's New Gemini AI Beats GPT-4 Raises Questions on AI Rules

Google’s latest AI project is making waves. According to research group SemiAnalysis, Google’s new AI tool is already five times better than the top GPT-4 models out there. And by 2024? It might be a whopping 20 times more efficient than ChatGPT.

For a while, it seemed like Google was falling behind other tech giants in AI. But now, they’re back in the game, and some even call them the “awakened sleeping giant.”

There’s some chatter in the tech community. Some think Google might keep this new AI, possibly named “Gemini,” under wraps. Why? They’re worried it might change how they do business or stifle their creativity.

The Center for AI Safety pointed out that Google’s been pouring more money into AI, especially after launching ChatGPT. With Google’s deep pockets, they can easily compete with other big AI labs.

But there’s a flip side. Since 2022, there’s been a boom in large language models (LLMs) – a type of AI. And some folks are worried about the risks they might pose.

Countries are taking note. China’s already setting rules for its AI companies. The UK? They’re planning a big “AI safety summit” in November at Bletchley Park, a famous WWII site.

And here in the US, the Senate’s getting in on the action. They’re setting up an “AI Insight Forum.” The first meeting is on September 13. Big names are attending, like Google’s Sundar Pichai, Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg, and even Elon Musk from X (used to be Twitter).

Google’s new AI, Gemini, is a game-changer. But with big changes come big questions about how we use and control this powerful tech.

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