fraction calculators are powerful tools to increase understanding of students’ understanding of math. Fraction of various types like popper, imporper, and mixed in nature. The online tool can identify all types of fractions. This tool can do various arithmetic operations on popper, improper, and mixed in nature. 

For students, it is necessary to differentiate various types of fractions, especially between proper and improper fractions. Proper fractions are fractions that have a numerator that is less than the denominator. On the other hand, improper fractions have a larger or equal denominator to the numerator.  

Proper Fractions:

Proper fractions are fractions that have a numerator that is less than the denominator. For identifying proper fractions. You can add and subtract fractions with the online tool. Arithmetic operations are normally difficult to apply when multiplying and dividing fractions. The multiplying and dividing fractions calculator can reduce applying difficult fraction operations.

 Numerators < Denominator.

Improper Fractions:

Improper fractions have a larger or equal denominator to the numerator. This is the main reason these fractions are called improper fractions. Fractions are improper due to their composition as Denominator < Numerators.

Mixed Fractions:

A mixed fraction is a combination of an integer and a whole number. You need to solve mixed fractions by following different steps 

  • First multiply the denominator with a whole number 
  • Second add the result with the numerator
  • The result is always a proper fraction 

The mixed fractions are not as simple to solve as compared to the proper and improper fractions. You need to understand that these fractions are a combination of whole numbers and a fraction.

Various Benefits of Fraction Calculator:

There are different benefits of online tools for solving fractions.

  • Immediate Feedback and solution
  • Instant solution to the problem
  • Complex operations solution
  • Conceptual understanding of the problem


Fraction calculator are valuable sources for solving proper and improper fractions. A user can solve even mixed fractions with online tools. Turn mixed fractions into the proper fractions instantly with online assistance. You can use online tools for solving various presentations and assignments with the online tools. 


Steps in a division of fractions:

There are three steps involved in the division of the fractions, when you  dividing fractions, you  need to follow these them:

  • Flip the fraction:

In the first step, Invert the divisor into a reciprocal and turn it upside down

  • Change the sign: 

In the second step, you need to change the division sign into multiplication.

  • Simplification of the fraction:

Now you have to simplify the fraction and find the fraction.


It’s important to know fractions basics of fractions and how to add, subtract, multiply, or divide fractions. When there are more than two fractions it becomes difficult to solve them. The online calculator will help students to solve them or they can check their answers. It is advisable for students till grade eight to solve fractions by themselves and should tables for solving fractions. Higher-class students can use an online calculator. Once you start learning it becomes easy to understand fractions.

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