Displaying Firearms: How To Merge Aesthetics And Security

Displaying Firearms: How To Merge Aesthetics And Security

To most, firearms are meant for protection. But for enthusiasts and collectors, these weapons are exquisite items that deserve to be displayed and admired. 

Whatever the purpose of ownership, rifles, shotguns, and handguns are relatively common in America. About 45% of US households had at least one gun in their possession in 2022, according to Statista.

If you’re a budding firearms aficionado who believes that firearms irons are worthy enough to show off, striking a balance between aesthetics and security might be your top concern. Here are some tips to flaunt them without compromising style and safety. 

When it comes to firearm display aesthetics and security, you may check resources that offer top-of-the-line home safes to secure your valuables while complementing your décor seamlessly.

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  1. Explore gun types and display space considerations

By loose definition, a firearm refers to any handheld weapon that shoots a projectile and discharges gunpowder. These are further classified into two: long guns and handguns. Pistols, machine guns, muskets, and rifles fall under the first category, while revolvers and pistols fall under the second.     

The type and quantity of firearms you intend to showcase will dictate the space you need. Consider some of these best options.  

  • Gun wall mounting

This is a good option if you’ve been busy buying weapons and hope to buy more. If you’re just starting, though, you can still mount your firearm in a secure area in your home and make the firearm your centerpiece. 

Depending on your requirements, you can mount gun on wall by yourself or seek advice from professionals for optimal results. Go for the latter if you want to have the most visually appealing and highly secure display. These experienced professionals know how to fulfill your design requirements without compromising safety.   

In-wall mounting 

Consider an in-wall mount display if you want a more secure option. However, note that this will require specific alterations in your home, and a do-it-yourself approach isn’t recommended. If you’re renting, you might want to ask your property owner first.   

  • Gun display cases

Display cases are ideal for folks who don’t want to make drastic home renovations to accommodate their collection. Gun display cabinets are available in different sizes and designs from the store or customized according to your unique taste. For an eco-friendly vibe and to save costs, repurpose and assemble unused home materials, like an old coffee table or crates.     

  • Free-standing displays 

For those who want to indulge more than their eyes, free-standing displays are a great solution. Like the choices above, you can create a wooden rack for your gun collection or purchase it off the shelves from gun stores.   

  • Tabletop display stands

Got a handgun you’re particularly crazy about? Get a tabletop display stand. These firearm holders can be made from various materials, like wood and acrylic. While you can get them without the case, it might be a smarter idea to have your weapon encased to keep them safe from unauthorized access.

  1. Add personal touches to customize

Customization is the best way to go if you want a bespoke firearm display solution that fulfills your design and security requirements. The points below could help you get started:

  • Create a design vision that reflects your personality and passion. 
  • Consider different mounting configurations for your rifle, shotgun, pistol, and ammunition.
  • Pick a wooden frame that matches the color and finish of your weapons on display. 
  • Install lighting and personal touches like engravings and labels for added aesthetics. 

Additionally, protect your possessions by sealing them with reinforced glass or polycarbonate and installing advanced alarm or lock systems.    

  1. Get high-quality materials 

Purchase only from reputable gun display accessories to get top-quality items. Ask for advanced models, as they’re typically the improved versions of previously released products. Besides possessing added features, they often look better than their predecessors. 

This holds whether you’re looking for pistol peg racks, shotgun hooks, wall mount storage racks, mounting brackets, wall gun cradles, or a wooden rifle stand. Also, consider materials with self-lock mechanisms for your peace of mind. 

  1. Ensure your firearms display is safe at all times

Installing state-of-the-art locking and alarm systems and ensuring the following steps further protect your firearms from falling into the wrong hands. 

  • Always unload and lock your firearms before putting them on display. 
  • Make a separate storage or display space for your ammunition.
  • Opt for advanced locks and alarm systems to reinforce security on display cases and covers.
  • Place trigger locks on every firearm.  
  • Keep your firearms display away from children’s reach.    

This may be common sense, but we’ll put it out there anyway: don’t place a firearm in a display case if you’re actively using it for protection. Doing so makes it harder to access during life-threatening situations. 

Home security has a significant impact on firearm security, yet it’s sometimes overlooked. Guns are supposed to keep burglars and thieves away, not invite them. No amount of locking and alarm mechanisms on your firearms display cases can compensate for larger security issues in your home, including a broken window.   

Final thoughts 

As a responsible gun owner, you have the primary responsibility to keep others safe from unintentional firing, injuries, and even death. Being a conscious weapon holder, you’re helping create a safer community for you and your family. However, it doesn’t mean you’re confined to using a gun vault to hide and minimize such accidents—especially if you’ve gathered enough weapons to put them on display.  

Striking a great balance between aesthetics and security is a priority for firearms owners who want to showcase their gun collection. The points above can help you and other collectors show them off without worries.  

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Written by Joshua White

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