What Happens If You Don’t Replace Windows?

“What will be will be,” you rationalize. After all, the leak isn’t all that bad, and you don’t need to replace the windows if they’re only a minor inconvenience. That said, the situation is only likely to worsen. Luckily Maverick Windows can provide the customized and high-quality window replacement you need in Addison and help improve your interior comfort. Meanwhile, here are some of the possible consequences of taking your chances with old or damaged windows:

High Utility Costs

Your heating and cooling system requires a sealed indoor environment to work efficiently. Unfortunately, a leaky window can allow up to 25% of the conditioned air to escape, resulting in higher energy bills.

For instance, if the window seals have seen better days, they may not keep out the cold or hot air. As a result, your HVAC system has to put in an extra shift to compensate for the lost heat. Similarly, warped windows may not close securely, leading to increased drafts. And as a result, you’re likely to pay more for utilities.

Why not replace the windows and better insulate your home? If your current units sport single panes, chances are you’ve borne with them for far too long. Go for modern windows as they are generally more energy efficient and feature double- or triple-pane glass and improved technology.

Health Risks

Let’s assume your windows leak, allowing water to drip on your walls and rugs. Failure to tackle the issue quickly can allow an unwanted guest: mold. Specifically, mold loves a damp environment, and such leaks can make your home a prime breeding ground for the fungus.

Mold spores can also float around your living space, leading to respiratory issues such as breathing difficulties. The risks may be more serious if some of your family members suffer from allergies or asthma. But that’s not all.

An overworking HVAC system may result in component damage. Now, imagine what would happen if your heating system fails in the dead of winter. Would you stand the bitter cold in your home? What about the cost of dealing with flu and other health issues? You get the drift, right? Simply put, it pays to replace your windows, at least for your family’s sake.

Damage To Your Home

Often, we assume that the only thing affected by damaged windows is our comfort. That’s untrue. For starters, seemingly harmless condensation can lead to the erosion of wooden frames, triggering rot and other structural damage. For instance, your paint may start to peel, and your wallpaper may bubble as the walls suffer water stains. What’s more, mold can spread to other parts of your house, damaging fabrics and other furnishings.

Also, water can invade your home’s foundation if you don’t take action quickly enough. This can lead to costly repairs – imagine replacing walls or repairing the foundation. To avoid such a headache, consider replacing your windows when they show signs of wear or damage.

Compromised Safety

Potential intruders are always on the hunt for opportunities to break into a house. And since old, cracked, or drafty windows are often easy to force open (especially those with faulty locks), you may put your family in danger by letting the issue persist. Plus, you could lose your pricy possessions if a burglar gets past the windows.

Window replacement helps bolster your security and offers peace of mind, making it more difficult for criminals to enter your home. You may also opt for reinforced glass or additional locks. Talk to your local Addison window replacement professional to find the best security solutions.

Lower Home Value

Picture this; you’ve listed your home, and potential buyers are coming to view it. Unfortunately, their hearts sink and their impression of the house drops as soon as they spot your drafty, foggy windows. As a result, some say, “I’ll think about it,” while others simply walk away. Even an appraiser is likely to lower the price of your property if they notice faulty windows.

Simply put, to preserve the value of your home, consider replacing your windows, even if you don’t plan to sell it. After all, structural issues caused by water ingress through the windows can lower your home’s value. Besides, replacing your windows enhances your home’s curb appeal, increasing its perceived value – as your listing is more likely to attract more eyeballs.

Replacement windows can help you avoid these and other issues. Sure, the upfront costs might be high, but upon looking at the big picture, you’ll realize it’s a worthwhile investment. Safeguard your home by replacing tired or damaged windows with new ones from a reputable provider.

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Written by Joshua White

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