Features of Finance Tarot spread

One of the most important and difficult aspects of our lives is money. People are always looking for a way to earn it and save. Thanks to money Tarot spreads, you will be able to learn the full picture related to material well-being. In this article, you will learn the features of the Tarotoo for finances and job to familiarize yourself with the most popular, effective examples of card reading. Happy reading!

Types of work and finance Tarot reading

  1. The first is Tarot spreads to clarify the current situation in a career and at work. In this group of layouts, you may analyze the state of affairs in the current place of work and what lies ahead. The questioner can also learn about career perspectives: whether they will be fired or promoted. 
  2. The second is Tarot card reading for a new job. In this case, the person will find out if they have a new place of work within the planned period, what to expect in the nearest future and what this activity will bring to you. Usually, such layouts are necessary when a person has been without a specific activity for a long time and needs employment. 
  3. The third is Tarot layouts for a job change. In this case, we are comparing the current organization with the new location. This is the most frequently requested tarot card divination for work and finances. Thanks to this money tarot spreads, people find out what awaits them at the current workplace, and what is at the proposed new one, which allows them to make an informed decision in a difficult situation of choice. 
  4. The fourth type of reading free Tarot allows you to find out in which area you will play the first fiddle. People most often turn to cards for a profession when they are disappointed in the current field of employment and want to try something new, but they couldn’t figure out what exactly. 

Free tarot card spread for money “Cash flow”

This type of layout will help to find an answer to the question about the current financial situation (if there are problems with money), and will indicate the main reason for financial hardship at the current moment. There are two cards on top, one in the middle and the other two on the bottom. The Tarot reading money interpretation is the following:

  1. The financial situation of a person.
  2. Presence/absence of money channel blocking. The position will indicate the main reasons that prevent the free access of financial flow in the life of the person who is asking.
  3. Whether the problem is related to a karmic/psychological/family criterion.
  4. Whether the querent is ready to receive money at the moment.
  5. If it is possible to open access to the financial channel and how to do it. The position is good for the guesser.

What questions to ask during Tarot card reading?

Modern money Tarot spreads will help you find answers to the following questions:

  • Where and how to find a job?
  • Why do I have a constant lack of finances?
  • What prevents me from earning more?

Tarot cards will help reveal the presence of negative magical influence that prevents you from developing and earning. In addition, the  person himself may be to blame for the lack of the necessary amount of finances. Restrictions, mistakes in the performance of official duties, conservative views on life are only part of such reasons. To learn how to properly manage your finances and increase your disposable income, try free Tarot card reading!

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Written by Joshua White

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