Top Tips To Create an Eye-Catching Event Sign

Top Tips To Create an Eye Catching Event Sign

Have you ever heard the saying that designing an advertisement sign that is successful is a balance between art and science? Well, it’s true! It seems that in order to create a compelling design that will attract attention from potential customers, business owners need to ensure that their sign (whether it is for an event or a product) ticks several boxes—while also appearing unique and different.

It’s a tall order, but here you will given some guidance on how you can create an event sign that is eye-catching, and also unique. Enjoy!

Look At Your Business Design

Firstly, what is it that your business is promoting? Are you a sponsor for an event? Or are you going to be appearing at said event? Either way, when it comes to event signage Melbourne (or wherever you happen to be located), you need to look at your own business design for a base. What are the colors you use in your logo? What about the font? This will ensure that the design is kept as simple as possible—while also being linked to your business.

Keep It Simple!

An eye-catching design is not a busy one. Think of advertisements that you have seen for some of the world’s most recognizable brands; they are all a maximum of two colors and have simple shapes. 

You don’t want your event sign to be overly complicated, as the average person looks at any sign that they see for around two seconds. So, keep it simple and get the message across!

Use Minimal Text

Following on from the research that shows the average person looks at a sign for two seconds, you don’t want to bamboozle them with information or text. Keep any text on the sign short, simple, and to the point. 

Advertise the event, as well as your business, and leave it at that. Use one simple font for the advert (the same font as your logo if possible) and use the same colors. 

Use Familiar Colors

If you are designing an event sign completely from scratch, you don’t want to use colors that are overly different from the standard ones you see in signs. The only setting in which this won’t apply is if you are using your own company logo as a base for the event sign.

So, keep the color palette simple; primary colors like red, yellow, and blue will always be popular—or you can opt for the traditional black and white. Cerulean, magenta, or teal are not recommended!

Don’t Forget The CTA

Lastly, you don’t want to forget the CTA (call to action). With an event sign, this will usually be a website address or a phone number. Both should serve the purpose of helping the person viewing the advert to buy tickets to the event or find out more about it. 

In many modern signs for events, there is the option to use a QR code, which will take up less space and make the design look and feel more modern. So, play around with the research and development, and see what format looks better!

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