From Tools to Tech: Exploring What’s New in Auto Repair Shops in USA

From Tools to Tech: Exploring What's New in Auto Repair Shops in USA

A modern car is one that is currently in production and has been designed by keeping in consideration the needs of the modern world and demands of people.

Modern vehicles are the embodiment of the technology. They are incorporated with a range of features that equip the driver and passengers with the luxury they always dreamed of.

To keep such vehicles in pristine condition, the owners have to put in a lot of effort. These cars can only be maintained at auto repair shop in Houston that have state-of-the-art equipment.

What are Some of the Latest Features in Modern Cars?

Let’s look at some of the innovative features that are available in almost every new vehicle today:

Advanced Driver-Assistance System (ADAS)

ADAS is a commonly used term; it stands for Advanced Driver-Assistance System. There are different levels of ADAS, such as entry-level and advanced. The entry-level system includes the use of sensors and cameras to assist the driver with a better knowledge of their surroundings.

The advanced level comes with features such as adaptive cruise control that sets the cruise speed of your vehicle according to the road conditions and traffic. Some of the other advanced ADAS features include emergency braking and automatic parking.

Electric and Hybrid Cars

As the world has shifted towards sustainability, the use of electric and hybrid vehicles has increased significantly. Electric vehicles gained popularity after Tesla. These vehicles don’t have an engine for producing power; their motors are powered by batteries.

Self-Driving Cars

The self-driving cars were recently introduced to the world, and they have become instantly popular due to their efficiency in driving safely. Self-driving cars are powered by artificial intelligence; they use sensors and software to drive and navigate without human supervision.

Plenty of In-Car Entertainment

The in-car entertainment options are standard and have been seen in cars from many previous years. However, these entertainment options have been advanced, and modern cars have much more to offer than just an Android screen or music.

Some cars come with built-in gaming consoles; the kids can attach their controllers to them and play video games in the car. Tesla has an innovative feature that allows the driver to play racing games on the screen and control it with the steering wheel in the car.

What Are Some Tools and Technologies Modern Auto Repair Shops Should Have?

To diagnose and treat the problems with modern cars, automotive workshops should be equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technologies. Here are some tools that every modern workshop should have:

  1. Vehicle Lift

To check issues with the suspension system and wheels of your car, every workshop should have a vehicle lift. Previously, mechanics used to crawl under the car to check for issues. However, this old method was never suitable. For efficient diagnosis of the problem, every workshop should have a vehicle lift system.

If you are looking to buy a lift for your workshop, then first understand your needs and determine if you will need a heavy-duty lift or not. If you are providing services to SUVs, then you need it for sure.

  1. Digital Vehicle Inspection Software and Device

Modern cars have ECU units in them; they are designed to store any ongoing issue with your vehicle during the drive.

The modern workshops have a digital vehicle inspection device that is attached to the ECU, and all the issues are diagnosed instantly. Most electric or sensor issues are corrected automatically, and if any mechanical issue is identified, then it’s solved by the mechanic.

The use of digital inspection systems has made the process of diagnosing problems very simple and efficient.

  1. Brake Lathe Machine

The brake lathe machine is used to correct the thickness of a rotor. After continuous braking and uneven contact of the brake pad on the rotor, the brake pads damage the rotor, and then a brake lathe is used to correct its thickness.

  1. Air Conditioning Machine

A number of cars with issues with the AC system are seen in an auto repair shop. These machines are equipped with recharge refrigerants that make recovering and recharging the vehicle’s AC system much easier.

The modern machines are also equipped with leak detection capabilities to identify and address refrigerant leaks from the connecting pipes or the compressor.

  1. Strut Compressor

A strut compressor is beneficial when repairing the suspension system of the car. Suppose you are going to repair or replace the vehicle’s suspension system, such as struts, shock absorbers, or mounts. In that case, you will need a strut compressor to safely compress the soil spring to remove and install new components easily.

  1. Wheel Balancing Machine

If your auto repair shop is providing wheel alignment and balancing services, then you should have the latest wheel balancing machine.

The wheel balancing machine is used to rotate the wheel at high speed and uses software to identify the parts where the wheel is unbalanced.

The mechanic then places weight on the wheel to balance it so the vehicle can be driven without vibrations.

Balancing a wheel on modern balancing machines only takes 5 to 10 minutes. If you own a workshop, then having a wheel-balancing machine is a useful investment.