Emily Zugay Net Worth - Why Does Windows Follow Her On TikTok.

Emily Zugay is a 26-year-old content creator, influencer, and graphic designer. Emily has a net worth of around 500k – 700k USD. She rose to fame through TikTok for making videos by comically mocking and redesigning famous company logos

It became a hot social media topic when Microsoft started to follow Emily on TikTok. Emily’s hilarious redesign of the windows logo got her all the attention of Microsoft.

In this article, you’ll learn more about the comical TikToker, Emily Zugay. This article used resources including newsunzip.comone37pm.com, and information gathered from social media accounts.

Emily Zugay’s net worth in 2023.

A graphic designer, who downloaded TikToK during quarantine just for fun, is now making a significant income out of it. Emily Zugay has a net worth of around 500k- 700k USD. Most of her income is from her tik Tok content, including paid partnerships with brands. 

Emily also has a business where she draws pet portraits, and she has launched her merch as well. Those income sources also form a part of her net worth.

Why does Windows follow Emily Zugay on TikTok?

Emily’s comic take on redesigning famous brand logos by making hilarious comments with a straight face got her a lot of attention from renowned Brands. Windows was one of those; interestingly, Emily is the only person followed by Windows.

Windows commented on Emily’s videos a few times, and then Emily finally decided to redesign the windows logo with her own touch to it. She replaced Windows’ four-pane blue window-shaped logo with a photo of her face.

It was after that that Windows followed Emily on TikTok. Maybe Windows followed her because they genuinely loved her humor or wanted to get the attention of the intrigued audience in TikTok.

After Emily redesigned the logo Microsoft, in return, they put her version of its logo in one of its stores in New York. Windows posted a video about it as well. There was a great response on social media and from people who went past the store.

@windows #stitch with @emilyzugay ♬ Windows 11 Beat – Windows

Is Emily Zugay actually a designer?

Emily Zugay is actually a Designer. She has a degree in Animation & Digital Media. Then why does she make bad logos? Emily has a talent and love for dry humour and creating bad logos, which was on her list of ideas.

I got my degree in animation. Actually, I’ll admit graphic designing is not my strong suit. I’ve always poked fun at myself for it, so I was like, why not take it to this extreme and make something crazy?

Emily Zugay
@brutamerica Brut interviewed @Emily’sTikTok.edu ♬ ALMOST HOME – Mad Adix, Marc Steinmeier

Here are Some of the iconic logo redesigns by Emily

“Nothing about this logo resembles time or a clock. This is my redesigned TikTok logo of TikTok. I kept the same colours because they were okay. And then I chose this font because it reminds me of cops.”

“I don’t like anything about it. I don’t even know who that is. The font is also just tacky and outdated. So I redesigned it with more of a happier feel.”

“I don’t know how I’m supposed to trust you because your whole logo is lowercase. And that doesn’t sound very confident to me. I capitalized the logo, and then I included a tagline just so people understand how the app works. Swipe right”

“I hate this logo. There’s no symmetry going on. There are not even any words indicating which brand this is. You just have to guess, so I don’t like that. This is my redesign of Apple’s logo.”

Emily Zugay’s Achievements

She is one of the TikTokers who got the recognition she deserves. Emily was invited to the Ellen Show in 2022. This appearance could be one of her greatest achievements as a content creator. She indeed received a warm welcome from the audience and Ellen. Ellen even changed the original Ellen logos displayed on the screens to Emily’s redesigned logo.

Moreover, we can tell that Emily has achieved the best as a graphic designer when renowned brands use her redesigned logos. Brands such as Tinder, NASCAR, TAMPAX, Ocean Spray, and TikTok replaced their logo with Emily’s design.

Emily’s TikTok account has a significant following of 3.9 million followers. Her videos mostly contain millions of likes and views.

Emily Zugay Biography & early life

Emily Zuay was born in Southeast Wisconsin, United States, in 1997. She was born to Laura Zugay and Mark Zugay and was the youngest in the family. Emily’s sister is Courtney Tumbarello.

Since childhood, Emily has been fascinated by Disney and has loved watching Disney movies. This was one of the reasons why Emily was interested in animation and design.

Emily also excelled in arts in school. She is a talented artist. Her talent in art and fascination with Disney made her pursue a degree in animation and Digital Media and graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Currently, Emily lives in Michigan, USA.

Most of you might be curious to know if this hilarious yet pretty lady is single. Emily is not single and is in a long-term relationship with her fiance, Asa Prunger. They have been together for more than 7 years now.

Age27 Years
Date of Birth1997
ParentsMother – Laura Zugay
Father – Mark Zugay
Height5 Feet 5 Inches
Weightapprox. 56Kg
Net Worth500K- 700K USD


Emily Zugay, who downloaded TikTok just to have fun, eventually got the opportunity to create logos for the biggest brands in the world. Comically mocking brand logos and making humorous comments with a straight face got her the recognition that she deserved. 

What do you think of Emily Zugay’s Sense of humor? Do you think she deserves this kind of popularity?


Is Emily Zugay actually a designer?

Emily Zugay is a Designer. She has a degree in Animation and Digital Media but, Graphic design is not her strongest suit. Emily is more into designing animations.

Why is Emily Zugay so popular?

Emily is popular for making fun of famous brand logos and redesigning them. Her designs are really bad, and that is what makes her popular.

Why do windows follow Emily?

Windows started following Emily after she designed a logo for them. Windows might have followed her because they genuinely loved her humour or wanted to get the attention of the intrigued audience in TikTok.

Did TikTok change its Logo to what Emily Zugay designed?

Yes, TikTok did change its Logo. Emily and all the users were shocked to hear the news.

Is Emily Zugay Single?

No, Emily Zugay is in a relationship. She is engaged to her boyfriend, Asa Prunger.

Has Emily Zugay Released her merch?

Yes, she has. You can buy her merch from Emily Zugay – Fanjoy.

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