El Greco’S Kitchen Nightmares update – After Gordon Ramsay’s visit (OPEN OR CLOSED IN 2022)

El Greco was a  Texas restaurant featured on season 5 of Kitchen Nightmares.

El Greco was episode 10 of season 5.

Restaurant name El Greco
Owner  Jake Kostantinidis, Athina Kostantinidis
Chef: Jake Kostantinidis
Original Episode Air DateJanuary 20, 2012
El Greco’s Address3016 Guadalupe st Ste C200 Austin, TX 78705
Is El Greco’s still open? (2022)Closed

Is El Greco in Denver still open? 

This restaurant was closed right after a month of airing its episode. The exact reason for the closure is not yet directly clear. As of 2022 now that place is occupied by another shop.

Restaurant location map :