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Down City’s Kitchen Nightmares Update – Open or Closed in 2024?


Down City was a Providence, Rhode Island restaurant featured on season 4 of Kitchen Nightmares. Gordon Ramsay visited the Down City in 2010 and the episode aired in 2011 . As of 2024, Down City is closed.

Is Down City still open or closed?

Since the episode aired in 2011, many wonder whether Down City is still open or closed. According to the sources Down City is closed in Providence, nearly 1 year after Gordon Ramsay’s visit.

Down City came to closed down in 2011. The exact reason for the closure was not revealed. But but it seems like they blamed the state of economy in part for the closure.

Episode Recap

Down City was episode 7 of season 4.

Restaurant name Down City
Owner  Rico Conforti and Abby Cabra
Waiters/StaffJimmy Berman, James, Jason, Josh Mark, Nick, Will, Mini
Chef Jimmy Berman
Original Episode Air DateMarch 11, 2011
Down City’s Address50 Weybosset St Providence, Rhode Island 02903
Is Down City still open? (2024)Closed 

Down City update 2024 – Where are they now?

In July 2011, around four months after the original TV broadcast aired and six to seven months after his initial visit, Gordon Ramsay returned to the restaurant. It seems like Chef Ramsay had quite the eventful visit at the Down City Providence restaurant.

Despite the success in business and food quality, addressing underlying tension between the owners was crucial for maintaining a healthy partnership. It’s good to see Chef Ramsay playing a role in fostering better communication and understanding between them.

However, upon the closure of Down City, 75 Yelp reviews—including those from before and after Down City Gordon Ramsay’s visit—had given the restaurant an average rating of 2.5 stars. Following the Kitchen Nightmares episode, reviews appear to be very divided.

A good percentage of reviews had five stars, however there were also a good number with two or one star. Overall, it appears that more reviews are unfavorable than good, which could contribute to the explanation of Down City’s closure.

A new restaurant called Circe Restaurant & Bar has taken over the old Down City restaurant in Providence, Rhode Island, as of 2024.

The new restaurant has pretty good reviews and it’s very popular. It’s got a very good Yelp rating of four stars.

What happened to the owners of Down City?

Rico Conforti is now working as a senior mortgage loan officer at BayCoast Mortgage and following is a post about an achievement of him posted in his Facebook page.

Abby Cabral started working as a certified personal trainer at Swansea Total Fitness, a Physical Fitness Centre and it seems she still works there.

Restaurant location map  

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