How to use Diablo 4 Paragon Board

How to use Diablo 4 Paragon Board

Diablo 4 is a game full of endgame progression systems that require a lot of time and dedication to boost your character to max power; these systems include the Paragon board.

This complete guide will cover everything you need to know about the Paragon Board system, how to unlock this system, how many points there are, how many paragon boards can you have, and why you need to pay close attention to everything.

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What is a Paragon Board in Diablo IV

Paragon boards are a new revamp of the paragon endgame progression system from Diablo 3, this one being way more complex, offering significant boosts in stats.

The Diablo 4 paragon board is a grid-based layout, that allows players to unlock and allocate paragon points into six different types of tiles, each representing a specific attribute or skill. However, points are limited, so you need to consider what tile you choose very carefully.

Next, we will take a look at what are paragon points and how to obtain them.

What are Paragon Points and how to earn them

Unlike the paragon system in diablo 3, the paragon points in diablo 4 are limited and can be obtained in various ways.

Paragon points can be obtained by getting Paragon levels, four points per paragon level to be exact. The max number of paragon points you can obtain through levels is 200, but you can get some extra points from other systems, like the Renown system.

In the next section, we’ll have a look into the unlocking of the paragon system in diablo 4.

How to unlock the Paragon system in D4

The paragon system is automatically ready to use once you hit level 50, unlocking the other 50 levels where you start to receive paragon points, four of them for each paragon level. There is no big difference in terms of leveling between standard levels and paragon levels, so you will need to grind even more.

Let’s take a look at how to use the paragon boards now.

Paragon boards – how to use them

When you first unlock the paragon board, you will start at the middle of the board. In order to progress, you will have to spend points to unlock different tiles.

Once you reach a Gate tile, you can attach another paragon board next to the existing board, and progress inside the second board. You can also rotate the new paragon boards so you can progress from the chosen side of the board.

Now that we know how to use paragon boards, let’s take a detailed look into all the tile types found on the board and the diverse set of benefits they offer.

What are the Tiles of the Diablo 4 Paragon Board

The diablo 4 paragon board features tiles that can be unlocked with paragon points and offer various bonuses, from stats to very powerful affixes, separated by rank and type. Once unlocked with points, the tiles become active tiles and start offering various benefits.

We will take a look at the types in the following section.

Types of Paragon Tiles in Diablo 4

There are six different types of tiles on any paragon board that can be unlocked using paragon points. All of the tiles found on the paragon board cost only one paragon point, regardless if it’s the starting board or a new board. Let’s take a look at each of them:

Normal tiles

These tiles are pretty straightforward, providing a small stat boost. They are the most common of the tile types on any paragon board.

Magic tiles

Magic tiles can be found in clumps throughout the board and provide a better, more diverse set of bonuses, like fire resistance. There’s no surprise these are less common than Normal tiles, but still common compared to the others.

Rare tiles

Rare tiles provide significant boosts of power. On the starting board, these tiles are a goal for the player to look up to. Rare tiles offer two types of bonuses, one standard bonus, and one that offers you the bonus only if you have specific attributes raised to a specific number. Only six rare tiles can be found on the paragon board.

Legendary tiles

After the starting board, each new board attached to the first paragon board will have a single Legendary tile in the middle of it. These tiles offer a new legendary power to the player, being a very good goal to chase.

Glyph socket tiles

By placing Glyphs into Socket Tiles, you can obtain additional powers that depend on the number of active tiles within their radius.

H3 Gate Tiles

Gate tiles are a special type of tile that allows the player to attach a new paragon board to the existing one.

How to use Gate Tiles and why are they special?

Each paragon board has a single gate tile on each side. Once you have reached a gate tile, a new paragon board unlocks and can be attached. You can optionally rotate the newly placed board before attaching it. All of these boards have unique tile layouts and come with a new legendary tile and can be selected from the paragon board list.

Glyph socketing in Diablo 4 Paragon Boards

The glyphs can be found throughout the open world and, when inserted into the socket tile, offer numerous bonuses depending on the number of unlocked tiles within their radius. Socketing a glyph is very easy: simply select the socket tile, select the glyph, and press equip.

Glyphs can also be upgraded to extend their radius by clearing some difficult dungeons, allowing them to draw power from even more active tiles.

The best way to try the Paragon System

The best way to try out the Paragon boards, it’s using a diablo 4 paragon build calculator just like Lothrik’s Build Calculator, Here you can play around with:

  • All the paragon tiles
  • Every paragon board
  • Skill Tree

We strongly recommend trying out different ways to combine paragon boards and how to spend your paragon points efficiently, so you’ll have the upper hand when the game is released.

Final thoughts

The paragon board in diablo iv is an endgame system that is here to offer significant boosts through normal, magic, rare, legendary tiles, and special tiles, so you should definitely pay should consider each option you have.

Now that we have gone through all the elements of the paragon system, you sure are ready to dive into it and gain each meaningful stat boost that it offers.

What do you think?

Written by Joshua White

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