Delighted by Hummus Net Worth 2023 NEW UPDATE – What happened to Delighted by Hummus after the Shark Tank?

Delighted by Hummus Net Worth 2023 NEW UPDATE - What happened to Delighted by Hummus after the Shark Tank

Delighted By Hummus is a brand of dessert made with hummus to provide a sweet but healthy snack. By now, they have an estimated net worth of around $5 million. This gluten-free and vegan dessert is a creation of Makenzie Marzluff, an entrepreneur based in Los Angeles.

In Shark Tank season 9 episode 4, Makenzie’s pitch won $600,000 for 25% equity from Mark Cuban. Since then, the brand has won public interest and currently operates under the name Delighted By Desserts.

Read on to find out the latest news about Delighted By Hummus and what will happen to it in 2023. We have sourced reliable and the most updated information across the internet to compile this article such as Insider, Business 2 Community, and The Denver Post.

Delighted by Hummus Net Worth in 2023

Delighted By Hummus has a net worth of around $5 million by 2023. This estimation is built upon the current growth rate and current investments of the company.

Now let us find out the net worth status of Delighted By Hummus.

Net Worth 2023$5 million
Net Worth 2022$4.5 million
Net Worth 2021$4 million
Net worth valuation 2017 after appearing on Shark Tank  $5 million
Net worth valuation 2017 before appearing on Shark Tank  $2.4 million

How is Delighted by Hummus doing now? [Latest update]

It has been pretty hard to spot a Delighted By Hummus product online or at physical stores in 2023. It looks like many of its fans are still seeking it,

Though Makenzie’s LinkedIn profile shows the website of the brand as, it is currently an inactive site. It shows as their headquarters is located in Arizona, with around 11-50 employees.

However, the official Delighted By Facebook page has got over 119,000 followers. The page has been last active in 2020.

Their official Twitter account owns over 6.8k followers. But it has also been last active in 2020. 

Nevertheless, the company has not released an official notice of whether they decided to cease or continue it. So, we are to wait for a comeback of this delicious dessert hummus with their dream of national distribution.

What is dessert hummus?

The main product of Delighted By contains a chickpea-based dessert hummus. The desserts came up with multiple flavors like vanilla bean, brownie batter, and snickerdoodle. They were able to make it a Kosher-certified product as well.

As hummus is a food with numerous serving combinations, Makenzie said you can even eat Delighted by Hummus alone as a dessert itself.

“I wanted to bring a healthy cookie dough that could be eaten by the spoon.”

Makenzie stated in an interview with INSIDER.

The product has been previously available in stores like Walmart, Wegman’s, and Whole Foods. But currently, the product does not show up in these stores.

Now let us know about the health-conscious creator behind this product.

Who invented dessert hummus?

Makenzie Marzluff is the founder of Delighted By. She studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the University of Arizona. She was a Certified Nutritionist who was keen on making healthy desserts.

As a result, she created a sweet dessert made of hummus in 2014. She aspired to make the product the first dessert hummus stored on the national store shelves.

With the success that came after Shark Tank, Makenzie also co-founded two other companies. One was Kakao Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate (2017) focused on cocoa products. the other is REQUESTbar (2021) which is a protein bar company.

What happened at the Shark Tank

Delighted By Hummus appeared at the Shark Tank on October 22, 2017. Makenzie sought $600,000 for 12% of her company. She offered the sharks sample products to try as well. They loved the yummy and creamy hummus. But their opinions were far different from the taste they enjoyed.

By that time, she had raised $1 million in sales within 13 months. The fact that the products were in 1200 stores amazed the sharks. Mark even called her a ‘beast’!

Being the guest investor, Alex Rodriguez said he was out because he disagreed with the valuations. Barbara Corcoran also got out from investing as she did not believe in Makenzie’s management abilities. Owing to the fact that it needs a lot of money to distribute, Lori Greiner was the next to out.

Kevin O’Leary offered a $600,000 loan at 11% interest + 6% equity. Mark Cuban offered $600,000 for 25%.

Makenzie accepted Mark Cuban’s deal. However, they did not close the deal.

Let’s see the summarized table about the company.

Company nameDelighted by Hummus
ProductSweet, healthy snacks made with hummus
EpisodeSeason 09 Episode 04
Founder Makenzie Marzluff
Asked for$600,000 for 12% equity
Final deal$600,000 for 25% equity
Shark Mark Cuban
LocationPhoenix, Arizona, USA

Delighted by Hummus Shark tank update – What happened After the Shark Tank

Following the Shark Tank appearance, the public started knowing about the product. Many people even shared their review videos. With all these, their sales rose to $5 million in 2018.

Makenzie revealed to Business 2 Community that their sales and reach increased greatly after Shark Tank. They also had to hire a larger team to manage better.

After its rebranding, the new brand name Delighted by Hummus is called ‘Delighted By Desserts’. They started their rebranding following the expiration of their inventory in 2019. In the same year, The Denver Post recognized Delighted by Hummus as a pioneer in packaged dessert hummus.

However, Delighted by Hummus had to face its unavoidable wave of competitors as well. Many similar brands emerged like Sabra and Boars Head. Retailers also started producing their in-house hummus desserts.

Delighted by Hummus won attention and love after the Shark Tank episode. As of 2023, its social media and website are inactive. The product is scarce too.

Let us check out the product reviews of Delighted by Hummus.

Delighted by Hummus review

Delighted By Hummus won many fans due to its low sugar and gluten-free content. Many users tried the product and left amazing reviews on their Facebook page after the Shark Tank episode.

 “Saw this on Shark Tank and could not wait to try it! Was surprisingly good. New fave snack!”

Taste testers on YouTube have given many positive feedbacks about its taste.

Despite its overwhelming fans, it has got many competitors that surpassed them in the market. Let us check who they are.

Competitors of the company

Sabra, Boars Head, Aldi, Rudolfs, and Trader Joe’s are a few of the competitors of Delighted By Hummus. All of them have wider product distribution networks than Delighted By Hummus as of now.

Final thoughts

The healthy dessert Delighted By Hummus won a deal at the Shark Tank from Mark Cuban. However, the product has been scarce in the market as of 2023.


Where to buy Delighted By Hummus?

Previously, Delighted By Hummus has been available in shops like Walmart and local shops. Currently, the product can be hardly found in online or physical shops.

Did Delighted By Hummus get a deal on Shark Tank?

Delighted By Hummus got a deal from Mark Cuban at the Shark Tank. It was $600,000 for 25%. But they were not able to lock the deal.

How much is Delighted by Hummus worth?

Delighted by Hummus is said to have a net worth of around $5 million. They were able to make $1 million in sales in the first year of business.

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