Davie Fogarty Net Worth

Davie Fogarty

Net Worth $170 million

Davie Fogarty is best known as the innovative mind behind The Oodie, a remarkably popular wearable blanket, and as a savvy entrepreneur in the world of e-commerce. This young business mogul has made a name for himself, accruing an impressive portfolio of consumer brands and making an engaging impression as a shark on Shark Tank Australia. Davie Fogarty has a net worth of $170 million as of 2024, a testament to his success and acumen in the business arena.

Davie Fogarty’s Net Worth 2024

Davie Fogarty’s net worth in 2024 stands as a monumental testimonial to his entrepreneurial spirit and shrewd business strategies. Ranking among the elite in both the business and entertainment sectors, Davie’s financial clout has experienced a skyward trajectory. In recent times, his net worth has seen significant positive changes, reflective of his relentless drive and innovation.

"Success is not about the wealth you acquire but the lives you impact along your journey"

~ Davie Fogarty

How did Davie Fogarty Get Rich?

Davie Fogarty’s journey towards wealth with a $500 initial investment in a weighted blanket business. From this humble beginning, he expanded his horizons into creating multiple e-commerce brands, with The Oodie being a major turning point. His strategic visions and relentless determination have been pivotal in his finance-flourishing journey.

How Many Businesses Does Davie Fogarty Own in 2024?

  • Davie Fogarty’s portfolio in 2024 includes more than 10 consumer brands, which have become significantly impactful in the e-commerce space. Among them, The Oodie, Pupnaps, Calming Blankets, and The Australian Furniture Warehouse are notable mentions. These ventures have propelled his success, expanding his financial and business horizons into a mighty empire.

Earnings from The Own Business

Davie Fogarty’s apparel and comfort-focused brands have immensely contributed to his earnings. His ventures have showcased robust growth and innovation, making him a standout success in the e-commerce industry.

How Much Does Davie Fogarty Make for an Episode of Shark Tank?

While specific earnings per episode of Shark Tank for Davie Fogarty are not disclosed, his presence on the show underlines his substantial influence and reputation within the entrepreneurial sphere.

Is Davie Fogarty from Shark Tank a Billionaire?

As of 2024, Davie Fogarty is not a billionaire but his net worth has been on an impressive increase, positioning him among the upper echelons of millionaire entrepreneurs.

Is Davie Fogarty the Richest Shark?

Davie Fogarty is not the richest shark on Shark Tank; however, he is highly esteemed among his peers due to his significant net worth and business successes.

Davie Fogarty’s Habits and Personal Strengths

Davie Fogarty’s meticulous attention to detail, staunch work ethic, and his forward-thinking mindset underscore his daily routine. A staunch advocate of effective marketing and digital prowess, he has revolutionized the way e-commerce brands attract their audience, offering insights into his methodical and strategic approach to business and life.

early life & background

In 1994, Davie Fogarty was born to Kimberley and James Fogarty, who were already successful entrepreneurs in the furniture business in South Australia. Davie’s birthplace was Adelaide. Davie Fogarty cultivated an emboldened spirit from a young age. Tackling challenges head-on, he transformed his adversities into stepping stones for success. His Adelaide upbringing instilled a strong sense of perseverance, catapulting him into entrepreneurial greatness.




Marleston, South Australia








Kimberley and James Fogarty




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