Finally, it’s good news for gaming geeks around the globe. Much awaited first-person action game Crime Boss – Rockay City will be released on March 28th, 2023. Even though the Rockstar team is putting all their efforts into releasing Grand Theft Auto 6 in the near future. Gamers around the world have to wait a bit long. Since Crime Boss by 505 Games is genuinely inspired by the GTA universe, it will help to fill up GTA shaped hole in your heart. 

Crime Boss Rockay city is a first-person action shooter game based on organized crime stories. The game flows with the main role Travis Baker, the man who urges to become the new ruler of Rockay city. After the death of the previous criminal ruler of Rockay city, a power vacuum popped up for a new ruler for the City. There are many badass sinister fighting to become the ruler. 

The game is directed & produced by Kerby Joe Grubb 

Check out the game trailer

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