Content Automation Strategy for Better Rankings and Revenue

Content Automation Strategy for Better Rankings and Revenue

Content marketing consumes a large part of the SEO budget. But contrary to expectations, studies show web content doesn’t help attract organic traffic from the search engine giant as much as the expectations. After hearing this, businesses may wonder how to attract organic traffic from Google and utilize SEO time in other areas that yield results. One answer to this is AI. Content creation tasks become faster with AI. From content briefs to content gap analysis, it can come in handy in many ways. So let’s explore what you can automate for high productivity, success, and margin.

Prioritizing top content

Behind any content strategy, the priority has to be on improving SEO performance. Fortunately, you can use automation to understand what content piece should go on the top to get desired results. You can know the priority score for each type of content and take a call on their publication, optimization, and other things through some tools. Although these areas remain complicated, some tools make them look simple with their flow chart. As you know, finding a content gap can be time-consuming when done manually. Sometimes, you may spend your energy on a piece that doesn’t serve much purpose due to a lack of crucial insights. You can avoid such situations with proper automated solutions.

The chosen AI tool can test your website and analyze data from Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and others to determine an unbiased priority score for each content piece. You can go through it to know what to de-prioritize or optimize to target the most suitable queries. The queries may vary based on your goals, such as brand awareness, conversions, etc. If you don’t have the right tool, you will encounter different requests for the same need, demanding more time for further prioritization. That’s why it is essential to choose your automation tool carefully. Focus on the one that suggests keywords and questions that can bring volumes of organic traffic. 

Automating competitor analysis

You need to assess your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, it can lead you to topics that the audience and Google support the most. Competitor monitoring is not a one-day task, mainly when the competition is massively growing. In that case, relying on automation can be the best strategy. You can get a structured view of the competing content and the different topics favored by Google. It gives you a peek into users’ expectations and the search intent as per the search engine results page, so you create the required content.

Manual analysis can be time-consuming and may sometimes cause incorrect observations. But automation tools can help you avoid these risks through their heatmap features by pointing out what people demanded and how Google catered to their interests.

Automating and creating optimized content

Not every copywriter strictly follows the SEO guidelines. In such a situation, content briefs can be helpful. These usually include keywords, format, article objective, reference links, etc. On average, writing a piece of content takes about 25% of the time, while content production and preparation consume nearly 75% of the time. You would want to save your preparation time. Some automation tools create a whole content plan with titles, subtitles, etc., to reduce your workload. It doesn’t imply writers lose control over their content, though. They do the actual job, while AI gives them performance support.

If you wish to audit your site content’s SEO quality, check their title, minimum text length, header tags for search intent, query theme, response to user queries, inter-linking of pages, etc. Since the manual process can be too hectic and lengthy, you can depend on the automated solution to produce an accurate content score to reflect the status of the optimized pages. A content score of about 80 can be acceptable and achievable. Hence, it can be worth devoting your mind space to this. Or, you can approach a reputable SEO company in Dhule for help in this and other related matters. They will have all the necessary solutions to process your demands.

Automating ROI monitoring

You need to be aware of the outcome of your content marketing efforts, which is not an easy thing to do. One of the reports suggests that nearly 68% of business-to-consumer marketers don’t analyze ROI and content relevance due to a lack of knowledge. But ROI tracking is one of the critical ingredients of the content strategy. It informs you about the overall progress of the content creation, performance of the updated and fresh content, etc. You can find all these details in one place if you use automation.

The best way is to select a tool where you can take a comprehensive look into the performance of the overall content in one place. Else, tracking KPIs and strategy effects will become complicated. You can choose metrics based on your personal and industry goals for tracking. For example, in the e-commerce business, you will be more interested in understanding reasons for conversions, transaction rates, sales, etc. Since content visibility matters, you would want to know click-through rates, impressions, and others. In user behavior, your focus can be on bounce rate, pages per session, and the average duration of each session.

Again, it is not possible to analyze every content piece. It will affect your time and productivity. However, if you have the right automation tool, you can benefit from auto-refresh or manual refresh functionality for continuous and uninterrupted monitoring.

When you automate content creation tasks, you benefit from many angles, such as better utilization of time, high-quality content delivery, and increased SEO performance. If you cannot do these things at your end, you can reach out to your SEO agency for assistance. Any experienced and expert SEO firm can take care of these things, making your content strategy work in your favor. Still, you must not expect any sudden or overnight success. SEO projects take a bit of time to mature and yield results. Hence, it is essential to have patience. Let your SEO experts do the needful so you can hear the good things about your investment in this project.

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Written by Joshua White

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