Methods for Overcoming the Fear and Apprehension When Writing College Essays

Many students find writing enjoyable, particularly those who have an interest in it. They tend to be interested in working on college essays, which differ from the ones they had to write in school. College essays require serious commitment and must meet specific requirements set by the university. Additionally, one must acknowledge and give credit to the original sources used as references for the essay.

A lot of students need help in writing their college essays. They tend to delay the task, which eventually transforms into a deep-seated anxiety.

If you belong to this category, this article will help you. In this article, we will look at methods to overcome the fears and anxiety that come with writing a college essay.

Ways to Overcome Fear and Anxiety Associated with Writing College Essays

Balancing work and personal life is a major challenge faced by students throughout their academic journey. A considerable number of students find themselves compelled to work part-time in order to cover the expenses related to their studies. Situations like these add to the level of fear and stress experienced by these students.

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Choose Familiar Topic for Practice

The phrase “practice makes perfect” suggests that there are no quick paths to achieve writing excellence. To attain this level of skill, the only option is to dedicate time to writing essays. This can be seen as a difficult but necessary step.

So what you need is a start. Choose a subject that captures your interest, and you will quickly discover your ability to write surpasses that of unfamiliar topics. Once you acknowledge this, you can release yourself from the burden of pressure.

It is noticeable that writing on topics with which you are already familiar is usually not difficult. Therefore, it is important to dedicate time and effort to improve your writing skills. By doing this, you can overcome your fear of writing.

Prepare The First Draft

Make it a habit to consistently work on your initial version of an essay. Take note of the key ideas you want to include in your writing. This will help alleviate any anxiety you may have.  Start by creating a structure for your essay and then begin to write the first draft. This method is very effective for essay writing.

If you have completed your initial draft, you can continue working on the final version. It is not necessary to deliver your best work on the first attempt. You can take as much time as needed to gather information and organize your essay.

Getting guidance from someone who is highly specific and excessively discerning is always preferable. They can provide valuable assistance with your essay, so it is important to make it a regular practice. This habit can greatly help you in the process of writing your essays, thus emphasizing the need to focus on this particular aspect.


Stress can lead to a decline in both physical and mental well-being, and it has a negative impact on students.

Stress can arise in students from various reasons, such as difficulties in relationships and the pressure to meet high expectations in life. These factors contribute to students experiencing anxiety and depression.

As per research conducted by the American Institute, about 61% of people seek help for anxiety and depression. If you have a lot of fear when it comes to writing essays, you will face serious difficulties.

Meditation is an excellent method to address and alleviate stress. It is important to dedicate time for meditation each day, as it calms your senses and aids in stress management. Ultimately, this will allow you to approach writing with a refreshed mindset. Therefore, it is important to make a conscious effort to avoid stress. By practicing meditation, not only will your thoughts become enriched, but it will also positively impact your writing.

Revise Your Essay

After completing your essay, make sure to set aside enough time for reviewing and editing. This will be helpful for you as it allows you to recognize any errors and make necessary corrections.

Try making a few changes and gradually identify problems in your writing. It would be helpful if your friends read it with you and get their point of view.

Every person has a unique perspective on a topic, which presents valuable opportunities for learning. Communicating with teachers facilitates further discussion and allows for their expertise to identify any errors or weaknesses within your writing.

Make an effort to identify the root cause of your problems and work consistently to solve it. This practice will not only benefit your writing skills but will also help you develop your thinking skills.


Fear and anxiety can prevent you from writing. If you are overcome by these emotions, it is important to take steps to address them. Your academic journey is a lengthy one, and it is unrealistic to remain in this state indefinitely.

So start with a focused and determined approach. Follow the above-mentioned recommendations and you will soon witness noticeable changes. Make sure you possess enough strength to overcome any fear and anxiety, and put in all the effort needed to turn your weaknesses into strengths. Take up the challenge from this day forward.

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