What happened to Coffee Brand Gifts after Shark Tank? What is their current Net worth? Here is Coffee Brand Story So Far

What happened to Coffee Brand Gifts after Shark Tank What is their current Net worth Here is Coffee Brand Story So Far

Coffee Brand Gifts is a coffee-themed gift collection founded by Dan Claffey. The company went out of business, and the company’s net worth is unknown as of 2023. Claffey appeared in the Shark Tank season 1 – episode 4, demanding 300 000 USD from Sharks in exchange for a 40% equity stake. 

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Coffee Brand Gifts Net worth in 2023

When Claffey appeared on Shark Tank, Coffee Brand Gifts had a net worth of 7.5 million USD. However, the current net worth of the company is unknown, due to it is no longer in business. 

How is Coffee Brands doing now? [Latest update]

After 13 years of featuring the Shark Tank, Coffee Brand Gifts is officially out of business. Although there is a Facebook page and a Twitter account for the company, both are not recently updated. 

What are Coffee Brand Gifts?

Coffee lovers were the target group of Coffee Brand Gifts. The product line consists of mugs, plush toys, board games, T-shirts, and other souvenirs. The company’s trademark was designed to showcase the interest of coffee lovers in their favorite beverage.    

Founders of Coffee Brand Gifts

Dan Claffey got the business idea for Coffee Brand Gifts, while he was visiting a coffee trade exhibition. He identified a space for novelty gift items for coffee fans. After discussing with his lawyer, Claffey discovered no one had the patent for the terms “latte”, “java”, “coffee”, or “cappuccino”. Then he got a patent on common coffee terms, intending to set up a new product brand. 

What happened at the Shark Tank?

Dan Cafferty initially requested $300,000 for a 40% equity in his business. Claffey has begun his presentation, specifying that he owns the patents to all coffee-related terms.  Since he was just prioritizing his patents, Robert Herjavek asked him about the importance of that.

Cafferty responded that because of his patents, he wouldn’t have any competitors. Further, Claffey presented survey findings that many people loved his games and other products.

Claffey went speechless when Kevin O’Leary asked if he has already ordered this.  Any of the Sharks did not want to invest in a product line that did not make any sales or orders. Therefore, Cafferty left the Tank without any deal.

Coffee Brand Gifts Shark Tank Update – What happened after the Shark Tank

After participating in the show, Claffey desperately wanted to challenge the negative comments of the Sharks. He determined to set up the brand in real, by any means. So he went ahead with his business idea. 

After Claffey’s appearance on Shark Tank, the popularity of Coffee Brand Gifts rose high. Unfortunately, it didn’t last a long run. The business could not survive in the market, since it failed to make any sales or orders. 

Although Claffey still owns the patent, Coffee Brand Gifts never take off. Claffey ended up with other ventures.

Product Review

The product range of the company consists of unique designs and different color themes. However, the expensive price tags bought poor customer attention to the company.

Although Coffee Brand Gifts was a good business idea, it was not enough to build a good customer approach. Improving product designs and reducing prices would have made a positive impact on enhancing sales.

Competitors of the company

There isn’t any recognized competitor in the market for the company.

When Coffee Brand Gifts were pitched, the market competition was very low for coffee-themed products. At present, certain products have been designed for coffee fans.  


Did Dan Claffey get a deal from the Shark Tank?

He failed to make any deal with the Sharks.

Do Coffee Brand Gifts still in business?

It is no longer in business.

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Written by MSM Riham


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