Checklist for Moving into a New Home

Relocating can be so hectic, especially when packing. However, it can also be exciting and fun when you keep track of every essentials and detail you need in your new home. It can also get easier when you hire loading and unloading services. The good news, we’ve found a way to make the move-in less stressful and overwhelming with this checklist for moving into a new home.

  1. Checkout Your Living Space (In-Person, Virtual or 3D Scan)

A walkthrough is an essential factor to keep in mind when moving into your new home, as it helps you plan the housing layout and room setup before the actual move. Most homes are usually styled and furnished before their lease. However, the stayed house may not just be to your liking. Doing a walkthrough will help you decide if the stayed appearance of your new home suits your taste. The best part, if you find the layout not appealing ad your liking, you easily plan each room’s layout, from the furniture positioning to the home appliances, kitchen equipment, and room décor. 

What’s more, a walkthrough saves you the hassle of unpacking your home fittings and equipment later, as you already know where to place them. Plus, it helps you stay updated on necessary repairs needed. If you find any, it’s always best to notify the realtor before moving in. 

Here’s the catch, while the in-person walkthrough process may favor people considering an intrastate move, cross-country movers may find the process quite challenging. For this reason, you want to request a 3D scanned digital tour of your new apartment or plan on a virtual walkthrough with your realtor. 

  1. Arrange for Your Child and Pets Safety

Moving with your kids and pets to a new home means you have to be extra cautious of the new environment to prevent home hazards that could occur at any time. From the position of the electric outlets and inlets to the razor-sharp door edges, windows, kitchen utensils, and sharp cutting tools, make sure to keep an eye on every dangerous item that may put your child at risk. Even better, put the harmful equipment out of their reach to ensure they are not confused for play toys. 

  1. Plan How to Unbox your Essentials 

It’s easy to start unpacking your home appliances without making a plan that ensures the process goes smoothly. But, do you know that simply diving in to unbox your home essentials can cause more harm than good? From creating a messy scene to leaving paired items without their detached parts, you may just get more confused as you unbox your essentials.

The remedy this, get a note and carefully plan the unboxing process. It’s always best to prioritize essentials you may need on getting to your new home. Otherwise, plan to unbox alphabetically or numerically according to the labeled boxes. 

  1. Set up Utilities and Connectivity

Another item to consider on our checklist for moving into another home is putting up utilities and connectivity. Imagine getting to your new home and you just want to rest after the day’s stress-filled event but can’t because the electricity, gas, water and HVAC units are damaged. Spending the night through this dramatic scene should not be an option. To avoid spending your first night in a frustrating circumstance, it’s always best to ensure your utilities are up and running before the move. You also want to set up your Wi-Fi, cable, and phone connection.

However, two factors that may limit this process could be the location of your new home and your preferred service provider. Most utility companies find it easy to transfer your previous service to your new home, but some may not be so lenient due to location factors. Hence, you want to plan your setups weeks before the move. Make an appointment with your utility company to get your utilities and connectivity fixed on time. 

  1. Locate Necessary Functions

Ever visited a new place only to witness a power outage and you try resolving the issues but don’t know where the circuit breaker is? One of the few things every new homeowner wants to know is that alarming events may arise unexpectedly. Hence, its always best to find your home safety and emergency equipment such as the fuse box, smoke detectors, circuit breaker and water valve. 

Likewise, every environment differs. If you moved to a crime-filled state or one with recurring natural disasters. Make sure to plan or locate an escape route, and if possible, a safely hidden shelter.  

  1. Set up a Security System

Moving into a new home means an entirely new environment different from what you’re used to. So, you want to take safety measures to gain peace of mind and comfort, such as contacting a security fence company. While setting up a security system may mean different safety precautions for everyone, secure your new apartment through means such as replaying old key locks, using a scientifically advanced doorbell, installing upgraded CCTV cameras or motion detectors or a complete upgrade of all these functions, depending on your budget are good security measures. 

  1. Deep Clean

Nothing beats the feeling of relaxing in a neat living area. So, before the move, make sure to clean every inch of your home, from the floorboard and window sills to the kitchen counter and bathroom walls. A complete scrub of every corner of your home will also give you that sparkling living space you want. 

  1. Update Your Address

If you’ve come across any checklist for moving out of home, you know that updating your contact address is crucial. Do you know that your address connects many aspects of your life? From your mails to subscriptions, bank accounts, insurance plans, credit cards, driver’s licenses, and many more, your address connects every part of your life. So, update it everywhere you can before the move. 

  1. Explore the Community

Take a break from unpacking and walkthrough your new  community. Get a cab, take a drive or stroll through the neighborhood to get a feel of the new area. Meet your next door neighbors, locate new joints, local shops, and community hangouts that will make life interesting and fun for you and your loved ones. 

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Written by Kesara Bandaragoda

GAG Staff

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