Centipede-inspired 18 wheel vehicle can handle rough and obstacle-laden terrain effectively

This Centipede-Inspired 18-Wheel Vehicle Easily Handles Rough, Obstacle-Laden Terrain

A vehicle moves like a centipede! Yeah, you read it right. It has 18 small wheels similar to a centipede. It only costs $22,000. A Finnish company launched the ATV prototype in a promotional video recently. It has taken the attention of the public, because of its ability to move on rough terrains in 20 km/h speed. This centipede-inspired battery-powered ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) can move on any rough terrain including rock, water and snow.

This vehicle can move on almost all-terrain. Let’s delve into this remarkable innovation and explore more about it.

Untitled design 18
Easily Overcome Fallen Trees
Image source: 18wheels

The electric centipede

A Helinski-based company called 18wheels created this prototype of the electric-powered ATV ( All Terrain Vehicle). They have given the chance to the public to pre-order the vehicle for $22,000. It can carry two riders. The wheel design allows the ATV to move over any obstacle not exceeding 14 inches. Surprisingly, it can move at 20 km/h over obstacles, and the maximum speed on flat terrain is 110 km/h.

Unique features

This innovative ATV can surf over water, snow and rocks. Also, it doesn’t mess up the surface when moving over it. It has water resistance properties since all its wheels are sealed. They are experimenting to make it floating in future prototypes. 

Why does it look weird?

This prototype is meant to test the design hypothesis and the fundamental engineering in real-world conditions. The team at 18wheels is planning to launch their product to market in an elegant design in the future.

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