Not got a cat close enough to cuddle? Or a dog you can dote on? Sometimes us animal lovers need the companionship of our furry and feathery friends but don’t have one on hand to achieve it. Thankfully games developers have anticipated our every need and brought to us games that allow us to experience all kinds of relationships with animals. Whether it’s as a partner in crime in the wild west, a dutiful egg-layer on a homestead, or as the bringer of good fortune in the American wilderness. These are some of the best games that animal lovers are sure to enjoy.

Stardew Valley

Fans of paired back graphics, reminiscent of Super Mario, or the original Pokemon series will adore the cute aesthetic of Stardew Valley. This game was entirely conceived by one designer but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming a cult classic. You begin the game with a small patch of land which you are to turn into a farm. As you progress through the game and make friends in the village, you’ll be able to adopt cute animals like chickens, ducks and sheep, to help you to produce goods to sell. Of all the animals in the game though, perhaps the cutest is the dog or cat that you pick when you initially start the game. They don’t make any harvestable items, but they do greet you with a love heart when you pet them and what could be cuter than that?


Casino games might not be the first place you’d think to look as an animal lover but you might be pleasantly surprised with this next title. One of the best free online games for those who enjoy casino-style titles is Buffalo. This game brings together the wide-open spaces of North America with some of this part of the world’s most iconic creatures. You’ll see majestic mountain lions, the archetypal American bald eagle, as well as mysterious lone wolves and the mighty elk on the spinning reels. This game is particularly good if you’ve just got a few minutes on your hand as learning to play slots is super easy. Plus, once you know how to play you really only need five minutes to get through a good few spins.

Red Dead Redemption

If you like your animals to be a partner in crime then you’ll love the Red Dead Redemption games. These games take you back to the turn of the 20th century and sit you astride a horse who’ll become your most trusted friend. Together you’ll traverse the rugged landscape of the Wild West, picking up bounties, hunting for food, escaping the law, generally being a cowboy. The soundtrack to this game is one of the most popular out there, thanks to the haunting melodies of yesteryear. Listening to them as you find your way over spectacular mountain ranges, or charge across lush green meadows is as close as it gets to actually being out in nature. The realism in this game is spectacular, sometimes you can almost feel the wind in your hair.

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