Popular Musical Compositions That Were Even Used in Games

If you love gaming at your favorite online casino, there is definitely a list of songs that uplift your spirits, make you in the mood, or allow you to stay focused when playing. Or perhaps you have that one song when turned up after winning that makes you feel a thrill and excitement in your whole body. If you are among those who have a favorite song, you might be enjoying each time you are gambling at online casinos in Norway. 

However, if you are among the few who are unsure which their favorite jam is while playing, be prepared to be amused as there is always something for everyone. 

We teamed up with our expert in the online gaming industry Benjamin Reppersen (see profile), to develop a list of popular tracks in online casinos. Here is a list of the popular music compositions that were even used in games.

Lil Nas X – Old Town Road (remix ft Billy Ray Cyrus)

If you are not aware, certain music can significantly influence the way you gamble. Perhaps this is because both music and online gambling are made concurrently. To begin the list of most famous game music, we thought it best to start with the most widely held song called “Old Town Road,” By Lil Nas X featuring Billy RAY Cyrus. 

This track spent ten weeks in the UK’s Top 3 and #1 for 19 succeeding weeks in the US. As a punter, there is no better song than this to light up your mood when you’re playing cowboy-themed slots. 

Johnny Cash and Kenny Rogers –The Gambler 

This track was sung by the legendary American country songwriter, actor, musician Johnny Cash, and the country singer Kenny Rogers. The song “The Gambler” is filled with gambling advice that could come in handy when playing your favorite casino games to date. This popular song was released in 1978 on the album Gone Girl, and its lyrics focus mostly on giving advice to players.

The Gambler is a favorite of many Norwegian gamblers who enjoy playing on sites featured at nyeste casino as it teaches them to exercise responsible gambling. Even though the song was composed long before online gambling became a reality, its lessons still hold. 

Lady Gaga – Poker Face 

This is a song by Lady Gaga from her album “The Fame.” This song is more about romance and keeping a poker face so that no one can read your emotions. “You can’t read my poker face!” is an ideal phrase that reminds you of winning at the poker table. The track was a hit worldwide, not to mention it was also on top charts here in Norway.  

Motorhead – The Ace of Spades 

Among the popular music compositions is the Motorhead song, which was nicknamed ‘The Ace of Spades’. This song will put you in the mood of playing or even scooping a few winning combinations. The lyrics of the music keep you inspired and focused on the price. The songwriter Ian Fraser Lemmy Kilmister was inspired to write the song by some of the pubs in London where he used to play slot machines.  

Madonna –Gambler

This is another music that has gained popularity in online casino games. This disco-punk song by Madonna, referred to as the “Gambler,” has a double meaning. In this song, Madonna gives reference to a life that can be full of adventure and at the same time filled with risks, just like when you gamble. This is a fun track that will get you in the mood to play your online casino games; try listening to it. 

Elvis Presley –Viva Las Vegas 

As a punter in Norway, your gambling playlist would be incomplete without “Viva Las Vegas,” a song by Elvis Presley, the king of rock ‘n’ roll. This song will intensify your playing, especially if you are considering rolling the dice and having some enormous fun. The lyrics of this song alone will be enough to set your soul on fire as you imagine cashing in great winnings when playing. 

Popular music compositions can significantly influence your gambling activity as they help set the mood and allow you to pay much focus when gaming. The above-highlighted tracks are only a few popular songs that can greatly inspire your gaming by bringing lots of thrill and excitement when playing. Try listening to these songs while playing and witness the magic they bring.

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