“Black Sands” Net worth Update (Before & After Shark Tank)

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“Black Sands” Net worth Update (Before & After Shark Tank)

“Black Sands” got featured on Shark Tank USA in 2021 November. It was founded by Geiszel Godoy, Manual Godoy, and Teunis De Raat.

Black Sands’s net worth in 2022

Here is an update on Black Sands’s net worth so far.

Black Sands’s Net worth before appearing on Shark Tank1.6 Million USD (business valuation)
Black Sands’s Current Net worth (2022) 1 Million USD

Black Sands’s founders Geiszel Godoy, Manual Godoy, and Teunis De Raat have a net worth of 700,000 USD as of 2022

Updated :

Here is a quick recap about Black Sands after the shark tank

It’s no secret that Hollywood has been pushing a white-washed narrative for the past 50 years. 

This isn’t just a problem for people of color; it’s a problem for everyone. We all deserve to see accurate portrayals of our history on the big screen. 

Black Sands Entertainment is working to change this by producing films and documentaries celebrating African achievements. Our team is composed of award-winning filmmakers who are passionate about telling authentic stories from Africa.

As a result of their comic series, Geiszel Godoy, Manual Godoy, and Teunis De Raat are attempting to change this and have already made significant progress. So, let’s see what happened to Black Sands after Shark Tank.

What is Black Sands Entertainment?

After seeing a lot of “agenda-driven media coverage” of the black experience, Manuel decided to start his own company. Comics, graphic novels, chapter books, DVDs, and picture books are all published by Black Sands. 

An ancient African kingdom and a young boy who will rule it in the future are the focus of the main storyline, titled The Second Kingdom. Since its inception in 2016, the company has sold more than 60,000 million units and is still going strong. As a result, they hope to build a significant brand that will be featured on networks like Nickelodeon all over the globe.

Who owns Black Sands??

Geiszel Godoy, his wife Manual Godoy, and Teunis De Raat are the owners of Black Sands Entertainments.
Geiszel Godoy, his wife Manual Godoy, and Teunis De Raat are the owners of Black Sands Entertainments.

Geiszel Godoy, his wife Manual Godoy, and Teunis De Raat are the company’s co-founders. Geiszel and Manuel have served in the military and are married. 

Neither has a formal education in fashion design, but they both have a strong military background. De Raat has worked in the animation industry for over two decades at companies such as Disney and Pixar. There are now more black-owned publishing houses in the United States.

What Happened At The Shark Tank?

In Shark Tank, Black Sands seeks $500,000 in exchange for a 5% stake in the company. In this discussion, they discuss starting their own publishing company. Animated series based on the comics are being considered. 

They explained that physical books make up most of their revenue, selling 120,000 for $20 each. They’re made for $2 and sell for $8 wholesale. In 2017 they did $40,000 in sales. 2018 had 220,000 USD, 2020 had 600,000 USD, and 2021 had $800,000 a year to date (they taped in July 2021).

They had no prior experience in comics, but their military training allowed them to get the job done. They have a cash reserve of $300,000. They are trying to trace a distributor. They desire the funding to increase the number of issues they produce annually. They must employ writers and artists to accomplish this.

Kevin Hart explains why he thinks they should join him on the journey. Kevin joins Mark in making a proposal, which Mark accepts. A writer and an artist, according to Kevin. In Mark’s words, he’ll handle the tech. Taking 30% of that would net you $500,000.

After a short break, they come back with a counteroffer of $500,000 for 10% plus $1 per book. Mark said the money is in building a brand. In the end, Manuel could raise $1 million at their requested price. Kevin will supply the necessary resources. Manuel closes the deal.

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Black Sands Shark Tank Update

There is no proof that the deal has yet been finalized. However, Black Sands Entertainments had the potential to grow even without a Shark. And they have earned over 1 million dollars as their lifetime revenue. 

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Competitors of Black Sands

Some potential competitors of Black Sands Entertainments are Kauai Ocean Recreation, T&C Surf, Surf Wear Hawaii.com, Chromaco Inc, and Park West Gallery. 

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