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The CEO of Soul, Zhang Lu has always been particular about offering a range of interactive scenarios on the Soul Platform. From audio chat groups to games and from music collaborations to avatars, Soul App serves up a veritable smorgasbord of digital connectivity options to its user base of approximately 30 million monthly active users.

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Also, Soul Zhang Lu and her team have consistently used cutting-edge technology to enhance the engagement quotient of the various interactive scenarios offered on the platform. Artificial Intelligence is one such technological advancement that has been increasingly used by the Soul team to augment the entertainment and engagement value of the platform’s numerous features.

The latest Soul offering to get the AI edge is the platform’s already popular game “Werewolves Awakening”.  This game scenario was a huge hit among Soul’s users in the age group of 20-30 years, who primarily play online games to make new friends and to relax and have fun. 

The gameplay of Werewolves Awakening involves multiple users teaming up and strategizing to win confrontations with their opponents. Because this naturally involves team building, interpersonal communication, and collaborative actions, the game has enjoyed immense popularity both online and offline as users consider it to be one of the most interactive gaming experiences available today.

So, when the team of Soul Zhang Lu introduced AI capabilities into the game, users embraced it with open arms as it offered more by way of engagement and fun. The AI aspects of Werewolf Awakening come courtesy of Soul’s very own language model- Soul X, which has also been used extensively to improve the platform’s other features.

The power of Soul X enables the AI integrated into Werewolf Awakening to have astonishingly human-like decision-making abilities, which allows it to significantly improve the interactive experience of the players. The ability to learn the gameplay and adapt its skills to those of the human users, allows Werewolf’s AI element to indulge in a range of strategic behaviors through various game stages.

For instance, in addition to communicating as coherently as any human player, Werewolf’s AI can also disguise its gaming intent, lead a team to achieve a specific game-related goal, confront the opposing teams, and perform actions that allow it to build trust among team members. 

Basically, it does everything that human players can and would do while playing “Werewolf Awakening” and even performs better than humans on certain fronts. Because these AI-generated players can take on multiple roles and have access to a variety of voice options, they have the natural ability to build rapport. 

What’s more, these AI players are built to comply with all game and platform rules as well as to adhere to safety and fair behavior protocols. In other words, the AI players of Werewolf certainly won’t misbehave, bully, or exhibit any other form of anti-social or undesirable behavior, no matter what. This trait, once again, helps the AI players to foster an environment of trust and friendship in the game scenario. 

The integration of AI in the various features of the platform is a continuous trend followed by the team of Soul Zhang Lu. The use of this technology in the Werewolf gaming scenario marks the platform’s latest exploration of enhancing human-computer interaction and emotional engagement through the integration of AI.

It comes as no surprise that the AI-aspect of Werewolf Awakening has added to the popularity of the game scenario and increased its fan following. But given the interest of Soul Zhang Lu in continuing to use AI to augment the immersive quality, reach, and engagement value of various interactive scenarios on the platform, her team will no doubt continue to add to the decision-making, topic guidance, and speech logic and coherence abilities of Werewolf’s AI. 

In fact, the team of Soul Zhang Lu will at some point also incorporate more advanced AI aspects into their group chats, music sharing and creation, and other Soul offerings to create more engaging and meaningful experiences for the app’s users.

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