Best Subscription Boxes To Get Your Kids Outdoors

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Gone are the days when kids would go outside, jump on their bikes, play tag, hopscotch, jump rope, and hide-and-go-seek for hours. Statistics show that today’s child spends only approximately 4-7 minutes daily on free, unstructured outdoor play. They find screen time more appealing and would rather spend time cooped up indoors.

However, you can make the outdoors attractive to your child using kid-centric outdoor subscription boxes. The boxes feature child-friendly outdoor and sporting kits curated to meet their interests and nurture their sense of adventure. Below are the top-ranking outdoor fun and educational outdoor subscription boxes for kids.  

1. Wanlow Subscription Box

If you love introducing your child to nature, then a Wanlow subscription box is your best gift. Wallow is top among the most popular kids outdoor subscription boxes because the brand has a long-term focus on nurturing an outdoorsy and adventurous spirit. Wanlow’s subscription box includes games, crafts, activities, and learning material for children ages 6-11. The curated items within each box center on different outdoor themes, including animals, gardening, parks, and celestial bodies.

Each theme caters to the general audience because Wanlow curates its subscription to nurture a life-long relationship with nature through engagement and learning. According to child development experts, exposing children to nature and outdoor adventures empowers them to test their physical limits, develop motor skills, grow their imagination, and gain confidence and social skills.

So, each new Wanlow subscriber receives a welcome box containing outdoor essentials, including a sturdy, high-quality hammock to facilitate a smooth transition from indoor to outdoor sitting. Everything in subsequent subscription boxes after the welcome box is a pleasant surprise lying in wait for your little budding adventurer. 

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2. Think Outside

Think Outside is an award-winning brand with multiple accolades, including the Parents’ Choice Award, Best Elementary Homeschool Resources award, and Best Gift award. The brand curate’s educational outdoor subscription boxes designed to teach children life-long skills by encouraging curiosity, exploration, and independence to nurture creativity, resourcefulness, and confidence.

You can receive a Think Outside subscription box through the following simple steps. First, visit the brands’ website and select one of two subscription programs. The brand offers two primary subscription categories, Think Outside Junior for children aged 4-7 years and Think Outside for children above the age of 7. 

Think Outside’s junior subscription boxes have age-appropriate fun activities and tools to spark an interest in nature. On the other hand, the senior subscription box has the high-quality outdoor gear and skill-building resources like pamphlets to impart your child with vital outdoor skills, including first aid and navigation.

Once you choose the ideal program, the next step is to select a payment plan that works for you and wait to receive your first subscription box within the next ten days. The premiere subscription box includes an introduction poster highlighting the brand’s subscription box monthly themes, and your child can tick themes off the poster. Also, Think Outside offers discounts for quarterly, semi-annual, and annual subscription payments.

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3. Tikes Garden Box

Tikes Garden Box for kids provides an avenue for your little one to interact with nature firsthand through gardening. The brand’s child-friendly subscription box features a ready-to-build garden project and includes all the necessary supplies, including seeds, live plants, soil, and pots and planters. 

Besides little budding gardeners, Tikes Garden Box caters to all children aged 6-10 years and features compelling graphical illustrations as instructions to help your child navigate gardening. Although the age limit is 6-10 years, children under six can also enjoy using the subscription box’s gardening supplies under adult supervision.

Tikes curates kid-friendly gardening boxes according to prevailing seasons, and their plant and seed catalog includes perennial plants, herbs, fruits, house plants, and more. Each subscription box also includes gardening tips to cater to specific plant categories. The brand offers four payment plans, and choosing a payment plan means your little one can enjoy learning through messes and display their work proudly in supplied vases.

4. Little Hiker Box

Little Hiker is a collaboration between Isleox, a veteran outdoor subscription box company, and Hike, its non-profit subsidiary. Hikes’ mission is to encourage family outdoor adventure, and as such, the brand curated the Little Hiker Box to allow children to keep up with their parents during family hikes.

The Little Hiker subscription box includes child-centric hiking items like apparel, nature journals, and snacks like granola bars. It is a one-off subscription to make hiking fun for your little hiker.

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5. Sports Box Co

Sports Box by Sports Box Co. is the perfect subscription box to help nurture your child’s interest in sports or help budding athletes practice their skills. The brand’s kid-friendly subscription boxes include curated items like sporting gear, training aids, sports accessories, and branded merchandise.

You can choose a subscription box from any of the five sports categories; baseball, basketball, softball, hockey, and soccer. Additionally, the flexible platform allows you to choose a subscription box according to age, and you can switch the selected sport and age as you please. Besides the monthly subscription boxes, Sports Box Co. offers a one-off sports mystery box.


Kid outdoor subscription boxes are gifts that keep giving, allowing you to make your kids happy (who don’t like gifts) while luring them outside to enjoy nature. Besides being fun, the boxes have an educational value, helping children to nurture vital life skills. Also, the boxes cater to vast interests and age groups, meaning there is something outdoorsy for every child.