The strategies for the best experience in escape rooms

An escape room gives you an exciting and mind-melting experience that begins immediately when the timer starts. If you are new to an escape room, you may be wondering how you can prepare yourself for success. Remember that you need to have the right strategies to use in escape rooms. This article discusses the strategies you can use for the best experience in escape rooms.

Invite your friends

You can choose your family members to play escape games or people you know who have escape rooms experience. It’s a good idea to choose your group wisely before you sign up for an escape room. The best way to do this is to include energetic, excited, and cooperative people who have unique skills to achieve the end goal.  

An escape room is about finding the correct clues that can help you solve the puzzle quickly. You should remember that each puzzle can be different, so you need a team that has a wide range of skills and knowledge to assist to break the code and the puzzles quickly. Sometimes, it’s not always about intellect and knowledge. Instead, it can be about being quick and observant to the surroundings of the escape room. 

If you find it hard to pick up your group, you can choose a group of co-workers or even strangers. You should make sure that this group has a lot of fun and a good attitude.

Show up early

Showing up early at the location of the escape room can allow you to prepare the group and discuss the challenges that you may face. Also, if you are not familiar with the group, this can give you the chance to know the team members of the group and check their level of experience with escape rooms.

Another good reason for showing up early to the Best Portland Oregon Escape Rooms is to start the game timely. The last thing you want is to go through the instructions quickly and start the game unprepared. You need to maximize your time in an escape room with just time to speak with your group and good listening ears.

Understand the rules

Besides showing up early at the escape room location, you also need to pay attention to the rules of the game. It makes sense to go through the rules and listen to the rules explained by the staff at the location. There can be hidden hints, clues, and other crucial information your guide may talk about to help you complete the game faster. 

However, you don’t expect your guide to tell you exactly what you can expect. The good thing is that your guide may not reveal everything, but you can lose precious time if there are things happening in the escape room, such as broken items that are not part of the escape game. You can be breaking the rules and wasting time by trying to interact with items that are not part of the game. 

Above all, you should always ask your guide questions before you start the game to help you move through the escape room faster. You can find out if you are allowed to remove items from walls, move items to see what is underneath, and many more.