Best Practices for Building a Strong Team With a Volunteer Platform (2024)

Best Practices for Building a Strong Team With a Volunteer Platform

Your nonprofit also needs a strong team to conduct more successful events. But is that as easy and simple as it sounds? Of course, if you know what a volunteer platform is and how it helps build a stronger team. 

A strong team of volunteers means building a team with dedicated members. It starts with an onboarding process that includes a strong screening method. Moreover, it also involves attracting and evaluating all the candidates correctly. The entire process is indeed tedious and difficult. However, you can speed up the process with a volunteer platform.

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A volunteer management platform is a software that helps manage all your volunteers. It is also a helpful tool to manage all your events successfully. Moreover, an advanced volunteer software has features that can help you build a stronger team. 

If you are planning to utilize volunteer software to prepare a perfect team of volunteers, continue reading the blog. Here we have highlighted some useful tips, so take a look.

How to Use a Volunteer Platform to Build a Remarkable Team?

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  1. Improvement in the Recruitment Process

The onboarding process starts with creating an effective and relevant job description. So, express your expectations from the volunteers by sharing all the specific requirements. You must also choose social media profiles to post that recruitment notification. While sharing the post you must also share the link to the application which will directly take the volunteers to the application form. To upload the application form you can use volunteer software. Thus all the applications will be stored in an organized manner. 

  1. Personalized Interview

Before you onboard anyone you must understand all of them well. That’s why, take the help of the volunteer software where all the details of the candidates are stored. Based on their details you can schedule a personalized interview. So, use this platform to share customized emails along with an interview link. You can also share customized questions for each such interview for the candidates. This way you can evaluate each candidate well and understand who should be chosen as part of your team members. 

  1. Skill Assessment: 

Another important stage that helps you understand all of your candidates well is a proper skill assessment. Through this stage, it’ll become possible for you to verify if the candidates are skilled enough to be a part of your team. Also, to complete certain events you will also need skilled and proficient volunteers. Through the skill assessment methods, it’ll become easy for you to identify deserving candidates. You can share details and requirements through a volunteer recruitment email and take the help of the volunteer platform to analyze those emails. 

  1. Appropriate Training

After onboarding the candidates it’s time that you train all the candidates. This helps you to explain their roles more effectively. So, prepare training modules that will allow you to explain each step well. You can also create videos for better explanation. Give complete access to their profiles that you created immediately after the onboarding. The candidates will find all training modules or videos once they open their profiles. 

  1. Effective Task Scheduling:

The task managers must understand who are the right candidates for a specific task. The volunteer platform can help you complete those tasks with ease. The managers therefore should conduct a skill-based search on this platform to identify the right candidates. Thus, based on the result schedule tasks also keep in mind their availability. This way, you can also complete events with a higher success rate.

  1. Feedback Collection: 

Building a strong team means also keeping your team happy. That’s why fulfilling their expectations will be necessary. So, don’t forget to collect the feedback from each volunteer. This way, you will get a better chance to know what they expect from your organization. Also, you will learn what are the areas of improvement that you must know. So, share feedback forms through emails every month using the volunteer platform.

  1. Rewarding

It’s also crucial to keep all your team members motivated. This is also important to keep in mind if you want to build a stronger team. So, you must recognize the hard work that every volunteer does in the right way. You must recognize their efforts by giving certain exciting rewards. So, surprise your team by sharing gift vouchers once they complete their target. Also, you can declare volunteer of the week or month to award the most deserving volunteer. 


The success of every organization depends on a strong and motivated team. Therefore, for the success of your nonprofit, you must give importance to building a team that’s skilled and dedicated. To make this task simpler take the help of a volunteer platform. Also, by now you may have understood the right ways to use this software to build an effective team. You have already completed so many successful events and this software will add more success to your list. So, choose the right platform and start working on your strategies to build a perfect team.

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Written by Joshua White

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