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Besomebody Net Worth 2023 NEW UPDATE – What happened to Besomebody after the Shark Tank?


Besomebody was an intermediary app made for experiential learning. Kash Shaikh found it in 2014 in Texas. Users can explore their passions and interests through the app by booking real-world experiences with experts in each field. It was not able to win a single investment at Shark Tank. However, as of 2023, Besomebody has a net worth of $20 million.

In this article, we present the most updated details of Besomebody, such as their status, the product, the founder, competitors, and how they did after Shark Tank. We referred to reliable sources like Wikipedia, TechCrunch, and PR Newswire to give you the most accurate details. 

Besomebody’s Net worth in 2023

Besomebody” got featured on Shark Tank USA in November 2016.

Here is an update on Besomebody’s net worth so far.

Besomebody’s Net worth before appearing on Shark Tank10 Million USD (business valuation)
Besomebody’s Net worth [year between appearing and now]202010 Million USD
Besomebody’s Current Net Worth (2023) 20 Million USD

How is Besomebody doing now?

Besomebody’s founder Kash Shaikh has a net worth of 20 Million USD as of 2023. Besomebody now earns annual revenue of around $20 Million

They have updated the product scope since their appearance on Shark Tank. It is now based in Cincinnati and operates as a business innovation firmIts official LinkedIn profile says the company has 11 – 50 employees. It also mentions that they have collected $1 Million in funds via Crunchbase

They have been able to partner with Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft. Their “Besomebody Paths” program has created over 2000 jobs for Americans. The company is now fully-fledged with digital, creative, AI, and AR capabilities, with the acquisition of Opening Minds, LLC, in 2018 and Pixelbug Technologies Inc., in 2019. 

In 2019, the company was among the top private companies in America

Let’s check out their social media pages:

They have offices in New York, Houston, Cincinnati, and Minneapolis.

Now, let us dive deeper into this company. 

What is Besomebody?

Until the Shark Tank pitch, Besomebody was a mobile app with an experience marketplace. Users could book real-life sessions with experts in many areas who were called ‘passionaries.’ But now, Besomebody is more significant than that. They help their client partner companies achieve business growth.

The services include business consulting, training programs, digital communications, and brand building. According to Kash, Besomebody helps people of different ethnicities to find jobs without discrimination. Also, they publish content made with leaders in the business world

Like to explore their content? Check out here: 

Kash, its founder, faced a hard pitch for this product. Let’s find out more about him. 

Founder of Besomebody

Kash Shaikh founded Besomebody in 2014. Before that, he formerly worked at Procter & Gamble and GoPro as a brand builder. Kash earned his bachelor’s degree in business and communications from the University of Texas in Austin. 

He founded BSB Group International in 2018, which offers holistic business growth solutions to its clients. He expanded his wings to start BSB Sports as well. So, he currently serves as the founder and CEO of Besomebody, founder and chairman of BSB Group International, founder of BSB Sports, and CEO of Baseball United

Kash is also a Tedx speaker who loves to talk about passion. 

Let’s now recall what happened to him at Shark Tank. 

What happened at the Shark Tank

Besomebody’s pitch aired on 04th November 2016 on episode 7 of season 8. The first few minutes gave it the idea of being one of the most vibrant and lively pitches. It was winning the attraction of the sharks instantly. Kash was seeking $1 million for a 10% stake

Soon, the pitch turned out to be a hot debate as Kash kept talking relentlessly. 

Kevin was not sure how fast he could scale the business. Daymond questioned the dangerous outcomes of the activities. Kash said they need to raise capital to address those issues. Barbara quickly pointed out they would lose that money in a lawsuit

Kash wasn’t answering the shark’s questions with facts and figures. He kept on talking more about beliefs and emotions. So, the sharks went nuts! (in Barbara’s words). 

For Mark, it was too much preaching and no trust in the business model. Barbara boldly said that Kash was’ enormously abrasive’ and did not want such a partner. Like everyone, Kevin was also out, as he did not understand the business model. Lori, too, believed it was not the app that would work. Daymond did not want to lose his money for the risky activities. Kevin stood up, shut Kash’s talk, told him the pitch was zero, and out! 

Go be somebody, bro,‘ that was the final remark from Mark (yes, quite harsh!). 

Did he become somebody after Shark Tank? Read below to know. 

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Besomebody Shark Tank update – What happened to Besomebody After the Shark Tank

However, many people ridiculed and criticized the pitch just after the show. Kash sold the app in 2017. Then, they relocated the company to Cincinnati to focus on advanced business services. Their scope was expanding across strategy, marketing, and training-related services. Soon, profits were coming in with the new business model. 

PR Newswire reported Kash made it a multi-million-dollar company forty months after Shark Tank

Now let’s check out the reviews they have got. 

Besomebody reviews

As a workplace, Besomebody scored 4.2 out of 5 stars on Glassdoor based on 21 anonymous reviews. 

The video that you put out, the commercial you put out, things you’ve done such a top-notch! There’s been nobody better. That was the review given by Colleen Lindholz, the President of Kroger Health, a client of BSB Group. 

There are some other companies like Besomebody. Let us see who their competitors are. 

Competitors of the company

EdmodoProject EVO, and Switchboard are some competitors of Besomebody. However, the company will be able to keep up its place with its multitude of services and technologies. 

Final Thoughts 

Besomebody by Kash Shaikh had a failed pitch and hot debate at the Shark Tank. But the results were even brighter after he sold the app. Kash called his new business model Besomebody 2.0, which flourished into a big and successful company. Despite the failed pitches, he has proven to be a successful entrepreneur

Travelled the world and stumbled the globe. Built things and broke things. Found and lost… when that path brought me back – I could see the same things differently. Kash Shaik mentioned in a post on Facebook.

Is Besomebody still in business?

Yes. The Besomebody app that appeared in Shark Tank was sold out in 2017. However, its founder, Kash Shaikh, improved the business idea into more avenues.

What was Besomebody Shark Tank?

BeSomebody was an experiential marketplace app. It had experts called ‘passionaries’ with whom the users can learn new things.

Is Besomebody a failure? 

Besomebody had a rocky start and got no deal at the Shark Tank. However, the company gradually grew into a successful company with multiple partnerships.

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