All You Need to Know About Internet Throttling!

Everyone hates a slow internet connection! It irritates you unlike anything else and hinders your productivity as well. But if you are facing slow internet issues and are still facing connectivity issues, then there are chances that your ISP is throttling your internet connection.

If you are unaware of internet throttling, you have landed in the right place. Let us jump in to know everything about it.

What is Internet Throttling?

Internet throttling occurs when an ISP deliberately throttles your internet connection to clear the congestion and regulate the network traffic. It mostly occurs from 7 pm to 11 pm because most people use the internet during this time. Thus, you cannot stream videos, download files, or play games as smoothly during these hours.

If you feel your internet connection is being throttled, you should call your internet service provider to inquire about it. Your ISP might be able to confirm how long it will last or the reason for throttling your internet connection.

In some cases, throttling is important because it helps smooth the connection for all internet users. However, other times your ISP deliberately does it just to cut down your internet speed. But you are lucky if you are an Xfinity Internet user because it is a reliable internet service provider that doesn’t throttle your connection deliberately. Instead, it holds up to its promises and delivers the speed that the users require.

6 Signs of Internet Throttling

We have listed the six major signs of throttling below.

  • Most of the websites do not easily open.
  • Files take longer to download.
  • If your internet speed is slower than usual, then it might be a sign of throttling.
  • You notice fluctuations in your internet speed during peak hours.
  • You are unable to stream content.
  • Your Wi-Fi connection gets choppy.

Using a Speed Test Tool

The easiest way to tell whether your connection is being throttled or not is to test your internet connection. This way, you will be able to compare the speed you are getting with the one you are paying for. Online speed test tools, such as Ookla’s Speedtest, can help measure your internet speed and compare it with your plan’s advertised speed.

We recommend conducting two-speed tests, one during peak hours and the other during off-peak hours. If you notice a difference in your internet speeds during the two different time stamps, then you should immediately contact your internet service provider to discuss it. 

How Do I Stop Throttling?

You can do the following things to bypass internet throttling.

Monitor Your Internet Activities

One way to monitor your data usage is to monitor your internet usage. You should keep tabs on your data and track your internet activities to avoid data cap issues. We suggest you avoid heavy data-consuming activities like gaming and streaming to save a substantial amount of data for other important internet activities.

Use a VPN

If you are not ready to change your internet service provider, then we suggest you use a VPN. However, you should not use free VPN services as they are unreliable. Instead, consider using VPNs such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, and so on.

A good VPN will hide your IP address and can encrypt your data. Thus, with the help of a VPN, your internet service provider (ISP) will not be able to track your internet activities and cannot throttle your connection.

Change Your ISP 

If you constantly experience slow-speed internet, we suggest changing your ISP. You should look for an ISP that offers a reliable internet connection and does not throttle your connection to make profits. You should discuss your internet usage with your ISP and choose the right internet plan as per your needs. If you have the budget, we suggest choosing a flexible data plan to bypass the bandwidth limit.

If you are looking for a better internet service provider that does not throttle your internet connection, then we suggest you choose Xfinity. It is a dependable ISP that offers multiple internet plans and gives the users an “Unlimited data option.” Thus, you should understand your monthly data usage and choose the plan that best works for you. If you are looking for more information, we suggest you reach out to Xfinity customer support.

3 Major Causes of Internet Throttling

Three factors that can contribute to internet throttling are listed below.

Network Congestion

During peak hours when many users are online, ISPs may throttle connections to prevent network congestion and maintain a stable connection for all its internet users. Most ISPs do this to allow all the users to use the internet connection for basic tasks. Therefore, you cannot stream 4K videos or play games, as these activities can strain the entire network connection.

Paid Prioritization

Please know that internet throttling is not always about equal distribution of bandwidth. Sometimes, certain ISPs tend to throttle certain websites or applications, such as Amazon Prime, to discourage users from using them. This tactic will push customers to other streaming services. This is a common practice as different companies pay an ISP to prioritize their website over others on their network.

Monthly Data Caps

Some ISPs limit the amount of internet data that can customers can use. Therefore, if you get near your data cap, you might experience data throttling, which results in reduced internet speeds. This is beneficial for you as it helps you conserve the data so that you do not completely run out of it before the month ends.

Pro Tip

Please note that every application or program consumes your network bandwidth to send you notifications or updates in the background. Thus, deleting unnecessary applications or upgrading to an internet plan with unlimited data is better.

In Conclusion

Internet throttling is one of the major concerns for internet users across the globe. Thus, by conducting an internet speed test, you can judge whether your ISP is throttling your internet connection or not. If you feel you are being throttled, you should contact your ISP immediately and discuss the issue. Alternatively, we suggest changing your ISP and choosing a reliable ISP like Xfinity. 

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Written by Joshua White

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