Alien Encounters They Walk Among Us

Do you believe in aliens? What if someone told you they were already here, living among us in disguise?

Everyone loves an extraterrestrial story as much as the next, from conspiracy theories to downright alien encounters and more. The ET phenomenon has taken over daily life, and if you’re not convinced that aliens exist, you might be after once you hear about the latest sightings. But first, a little history…

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First Sightings

It seems unlikely, but the first UFO sighting was in Massachusetts in 1639. Yep, that far back. James Everell, a farmer, witnessed a strange light darting around the night sky before finally fading away. In more modern times, Kenneth Arnold saw a procession of flying saucers on Maury Island in 1947. What’s more, the crafts landed, and Kenneth says he saw “men in black suits.” While that sounds odd, it doesn’t sound out of this world.

Today, aliens are everywhere and they really do walk among ordinary folk. ET is an iconic part of popular culture. Bands like 30 Seconds to Mars and The Neptunes were inspired by space. And, let’s not forget, one of the first arcade slot machines was called ‘Space Invaders’. Today’s video slots feature all manner of alien themes, from Star Trek the Next Generation to Space Invaders Win and Spin. These games will export you through the Milky Way and the free spins bonus will transport you into a space battle against the evil aliens. And, we can’t forget the hit show from the 90s ‘The X-Files’ which brings everything alien straight into your living room.

Area 51

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Men in black or not, the US government still hasn’t released details about Area 51, the secret alien holding point in the Nevada desert. Time Magazine reported that not only is this secret military base functional, but it is still the site of UFO activity.

However, the folks in this southern Nevada region continued to report alien activity and UFO sightings, which, officials say are sightings of the construction of top-secret spy planes. Even so, speculation keeps humankind’s alien friends at the forefront of our minds. 

Area 51 references are loaded into pop culture, with bands naming their music after the location – Alien Ant Farm for one. Area 51 also appears in movies like Independence Day, Paul and Men in Black.

At the back end of 2023, David Grusch, a former US intelligence official, stoked the speculation fire by saying that the “non-human intelligence phenomenon is real.” He went on to say, “We are not alone,” and that alien visits are not limited to the United States.

Grusch is a retired official of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency in the National Reconnaissance Office. He represented the US government’s task force studying unidentified aerial phenomena, UAP, the proper term for UFO. However, UAP also means unlicensed assistive personnel and user adoption platform, making UFO a catchy choice of abbreviation.

Conspiracy Theories 

Regardless of the acronyms, some people believe that humans are reptiles. This conspiracy theory became popular belief via Michael Barkun, a political science professor at Syracuse University in NY. Barkun is probably wrong, but it’s one hell of a story – especially when life isn’t going your way, and you need someone to blame.

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