Walking into the Future: Experience the Power of AI-Powered Fast Walking Shoes
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AI-Powered Fast Walking Shoes | Experience the Future Of Walking Shoes

A new company named Shift Robotics has invented the amazing “Moonwalkers.” These Moonwalkers are AI-powered devices that can be strapped onto your shoes, allowing users to gain a high walking speed of 11km/h. This technology aims to provide better walking rather than replacing it.

Efficient and User-Friendly Design

Moonwalkers look similar to skates but are invented to avoid users from losing their balance. Machine learning algorithms provide the shoes to connect with the wearer’s movements, They have the feature to automatically adjust speed and provide safety features such as electronic brakes. Its usage is extremely convenient.

From Viral TikTok Sensation to Kickstarter Success

Moonwalkers gathered a lot of attention through a viral TikTok video that gathered 24.9 million views. Shift Robotics organized a Kickstarter campaign, which nearly raised $330,000 and they received over 2,000 orders since its inception in October 2022.

Safety and Accessibility Considerations

Their main feature is the ” no freewheeling” mechanism. The shoes remain locked when the user is not walking. In addition to this, a magnetic buckle allows secure fastening and can be easily undone in case of malfunction.

Future Prospects and Availability

Even though the price of a pair is $1,399, Moonwalkers were able to get an of orders and positive feedback. The shoes were tested across different age groups, with users obtaining proficiency within minutes. Currently, Moonwalkers are only available in the United States.


Moonwalkers gained an advanced invention in walking technology. They offer the potential to increase convenience, mobility, and speed. By linking AI algorithms with ergonomic design, Shift Robotics has invented a product that wishes to change the way we walk, allowing users with an efficient, safe, and enjoyable experience.

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