This tree generates 36,000 kW.H of electricity per year

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Srimal Samaraweera
The Wind Tree New World Wind

With the increasing climate changes, the world is turning towards renewable energy sources like solar power and wind turbines. So, the French company New World Wind introduced a tree-shaped structure with leaf-shaped wind turbines that can generate 36,000 kWh per year.

One leaf can generate up to 1000 KW hours per year and a wind tree with 36 leaves can produce 36,000 KWh in one year. Anyone can install this in their homes and business places at affordable prices. Let’s learn more about these trees that can generate 36,000 kWh per year.

What Are Wind Trees?

Wind Tree New World Wind
Wind Tree New World Wind

A wind tree is a metal structure that looks like a tree and can blend with modern Uburn architecture. Each tree is 11 meters tall, and 8 meters wide. Also, the turbines have aero-leaf technology.

Also, the turbines operate silently and aren’t harmful to the birds like other turbines. The tree can capture light breezes around two meters per second – 7 km/h (4.4 mph) and work throughout the year.

Not only that it’s strong enough even for big storms and different weather conditions. One tree costs $36,500 (€29,500); anyone can install them and connect them to their power supply system.

Future Implications And Uses

The New World Wind company introduced the prototype of the wind tree in 2015 and installed it in streets in Paris recently. With that, they hope to reduce the usage of other power-generating methods.

Therefore they expect to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and support the environment over the years. So the company now introducing hybrid versions with solar power panels and smaller-sized structures at lower prices.


Wind Trees are a promising renewable energy solution as a tree can generate 36000 kWh per year. This wild-friendly renewable energy solution aims to reduce carbon emissions in the future.